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 plzplzplz help puys.. I have entered 92.76 % in my 10th board standard during cat registration by mistake...i have 94.91% exactly... i failed to notice this and now this same percentage is carried over all the applications of all iim registration form viz IIMABCK.. is there any way i can rectify this mistake or do i stand candidature failure.. plz reply guys.. I m extremely tensed!!!! 

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Severus Snape @skamble.195  ·  12 Jan, 2017

Thanx you so much guys... For your prompt reply.

Dead Zoner @dzoner18  ·  12 Jan, 2017

@skamble.195 Just as a precaution, I would suggest that you send individual mails to all IIM's from where you have been shortlisted. 

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