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Hi there, MBA at LPU is a very fulfilling experience, the two years of rigor can be quite overwhelming!
To check if you and the curriculum, both are compatible or not, so that the curators get the right candidates. Since there are a large number of interview panels, there is no single set of questions, however I can give you an idea of what they are looking for :
You will be evaluated during the interview on the following parameters. Communication Skills
o Fluency of Speech
o Grammatically Correct
o Capacity to Elaborate
o Clarity of ThoughtCareer Orientation, Aspirations & Goals
o Clarity of Goals
o Confidence
o Leadership & InitiativeGeneral Awareness
I suggest you to be yourself, be confident, sometimes the questions may be deliberately asked to check your temperament. Hope this helps

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To be eligible candidate has to qualify an Interview. In which specifically panel may expect these things in you and you will be anlysed on these parameters: Communication Skills
Fluency of Speech
Grammatically Correct
Capacity to Elaborate
Clarity of ThoughtCareer Orientation, Aspirations & Goals
Clarity of Goals
Leadership & InitiativeGeneral Awareness
Just be calm, confident and be ready with the complete information.

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