congratulations to every one who have got calls from from IIMs and various other institutes!!
Now time has approached for all of us to get ourselves ready for the final stage. i am myself preparing for the IIM gd/pi.
Gd/pi and WAT is now the area we have should concentrate on to increase our chances to convert our calls.

1. A Topic will be posted everyday by 00:00 will be under discussion for next 24 hrs.
2. Topic will be valid for both GD/WAT.
3. Anyone who wants to get their essay reviewed on the same topic can put it with a header " Kindly review for WAT" ( in Italics).
4. Everyone is invited to share useful tips for GD/PI on the thread.

ATB to all

Calls from IIM L, K AND ALL 6 new IIMs, MFC, MBE, GIM... Converts: IIM Rohtak, Raipur, Kashipur, Udaipur, Ranchi, MBE, GIM.... Joining IIM Rohtak/Ranchi if IIM K doesn't get convert
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