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This will be the thread to discuss examination strategies and share CAT experiences for the SC/ST/PH folks out here.

Link for 2015 tracker(tracks the calls and converts for SC/ST/PH puys for IIMs and other colleges):

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Online application for admissions into Indian Institute of Science (IISc) is now open.     

GMAT and CAT are the accepted entrance examinations, for MBA.

Link for the frequently asked questions:

Link for the online application:

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Non-engineering Female SC candidate 

Are IIMs possible for Me? What percentile should I score?

Xth- 77% XIIth-59% B.Sc- 59% M.Sc- 70%

Interned at IIT B.

Very good extracurricular activities. 

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So here goes the story of my trysts with CAT.

 Year: 2012 I was in 7th semester of my college, had a decent job offer and was totally high(on grass and alcohol) CAT: 76 something percentile , didn't even look for any shortlist results as wanted to have some work experience.

Year 2013: CAT: 90 percentile Was working , job was new, decided to give it another go Converted ALL new IIMs,Shillong (didn't join as I knew I could do a little better)

Year 2014: Had around 22 months of experience. All of a sudden the job became extremely hectic. Was lone owner of my project , even did the pricing for the client , managed to get the project form red to green status, got into a feud with my so , left weed and cigarattes (believ me very difficult), wrote cat in between all the fighting and project deadlines , even got scolded as I was supposed to deliver an important assignmnet for client and the day was CAT exam f**k it, went to give the paper CAT : Royally screwed ,percentile in 60s ,cried as I f***d up. I decided not to give up and continued with my verbal preps alongside my job. The responsibilities kept on growing and I was getting burdened. Finally came the appraisal time..not as expected..this was my chance..argued with project leads and told them what they have done and also why? They said it's company policy not everyone can get the best. I told them good off from that project and started preparing for CAT 15. Was on the royal bench for a month and studied .

CAT 15: 89.90 Calls: All IIMs except A

Strategy higlight: Calculated that VA is my strength so won't screw it. Also started preparing for interviews as my GK is too weak and almost no extra curricurals, so had to do something to justify

Final Verdict : IIM Calcutta 2016-18 , Other converts : IIM S,I,Ka,Ro,U,Raipur,FMS(WL-24)

भारतीय प्रबंध संस्थान-कलकत्ता 2016-18
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It was interesting  all the best bro ..

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Perfect.... 😁

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