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would you kindly take some time to evelaute my profile, for admission for top IIM's like A, B, C, L, K and I please?

Class X 9.2 CGPA

Class XII 87.5 Percent BIEAP

B.Tech 6.95 CGPA Chemical Engineering

Work Exp 12 Months Left as a Graduate Engineering Trainee

Category SC

Ideally, what percentile would I need to get to have a sure shot at top iims, I quit my job recently as I want to get into a B-School and not get sucked into the corporate world.

I have been given 3 mocks till now, overall scores are fluctuating (Max 120 and Min 23) and I get a lot tired by the time I get to quants section, which is an issue. Hoping for a reply.

Thank you

I am Groot!
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@mayur_arora Nah meaning most top tier education institutes sir, a few of a my friends are universitites abroad persuing MBA's and Master's in Enginnering even they fell the same thing.

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@darklord97 Most Welcome..

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