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This is a discussion thread for those who aim to clear the SBI PO 2015 recruitment process. So join in aspirants.

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plz solve

I. x2 = 6+x

II. y2 - 2y = 8  (x square, y square)

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Guys the thread which we r currently following for sbi 2015 po preparation has been created under the Lounge(Tags) as u can all see on ur left side of the it wud be a pain for other pg followers(the sbi po 2015 aspirants) to follow the discussions, and forget following firstly to find the thread itself  .. to get rid of same


has created another such thread for sbi po 2015 preparation under Tag (SBI) section.. please follow the same..nd unfollow the current thread that is running..

link to the same is below..

Thanks and Cheers..

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Hi guys,

I am selected in the PO recruitment process this year.I hadn't prepared for the written examination as such and appeared in the written examination only because my parents and a special friend(I hope you people understand 😉 )wanted me to.

Anyways,firstly I would just list some points related to pre-exam period which I think should help:

1.Practice DI and LR questions as much as you can of varying difficulty levels as it varies every year.This year DI part was very difficult compared to previous years.

2.English section is easy and practice of some basic grammar is required. That's all!!

3.For Marketing, General and Computer awareness you can find a lot of websites and relevant pages on facebook. Like all the pages with current/banking awareness questions on them so that whenever you log in your home page is flooded with current affairs.

4.For Descriptive exam, first of all get some basic idea about all the types of questions asked.Wren and Martin is good to start with.

I would like to suggest the book by Arihant Publications for SBI PO preparation.It helped me a lot.

Another important point, practise as many mock papers as you can. This is what helped me the most. Start attempting atleast 1 mock test a day from a month before your exam.Try attempting as many questions as you can with accuracy more than 90%.After attempting the test, take a break, relax your mind and then analyse your mistakes.Analyse your weakness and try to stop wasting time on it during the exam and identify your strengths and try making the most out of them.

Accuracy is very important.I attempted 106 questions and got selected.(General category)

Now I would list a few topics I found easy and attempted them first:


1.Input-Output type questions.

2.Simple arrangements(not the opposite facing ones or circular ones)


4.Number and words arrangement.


1.Reading Comprehensions(Here you can easily score 10-12 out of 15)

2.Finding the errors.

3.Completing the paragraph.

GA,Marketing,Banking Awareness:

Marketing and computer awareness questions


Try searching for easy simple questions in the paper. Avoid getting stuck at any question.

My attempt strategy:

1.DI-(40 min)

2.LR-(35 min)

3.English-(30 min)

4.GA-(15 min)

I attempted LR and DI first because they need a high level of concentration and attempting them at last may make you commit silly calculation mistakes and cost you much.

I will share my interview experience too with you guys very soon. All the best for the upcoming exams and results friends.If anyone needs any sort of help,you can drop a mail at

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@runrenedyrun I haven't tried either of them so cant tell which one is better. I used to practice mocks from a book I had borrowed from a library...I don't even remember its name...

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is dere ny vacancy of po in 2015..........?????

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so u r sure dat dey surely gonna make po vacancy this year coz dey r recruiting po for last two yrs continuously n sbi make atleast onw or two yr gap............from past experience m saying dat.........!!!!!!

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They have PO examinations every year as far as my knowledge goes. Take my suggestion, instead of worrying about the Vacancy, prepare for the exam. Vacancies will be there, don't worry about that.

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This is the discussion thread, right.?

Where are the discussions.? Those who got selected are celebrating. It's time we buckle up and make sure that next year this time, we too should be celebrating.

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let me try to figure it out..

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I don't know of any such way. If it is possible then well and good. Else we'll have to migrate the crowd to the Thread I created. :-/

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