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Fifth day at SBLC Durgapur.

Classes started at around 09:30 am and we left around 06:30 PM.

Today, we were made aware about the various apps of SBI and its online services and were asked to download six or seven apps in  our android phones using jio or the WiFi there (25 people at a time can access WiFi). We were provided our account numbers and then submitted filled up NPS forms with a choice of filling up SBI general's insurance form. 

Then we were provided with our HRMS passwords . We will be able to get our personal details and apply for a leave from HRMS. 

We had to fill up a feedback form then and attend an easy exit test which is customary here.

Then, we enjoyed a badminton session with our faculties and a round of chat.

We are supposed to vacate the SBLC by 5pm tomorrow and the boys residing at St. Michael's Church have to vacate rooms by 09:15 am with luggage and there will be an arrangement for keeping our luggage at our SBLC premises. Even the girls are directed to vacate rooms by 5 pm tomorrow. 

We were supposed to visit nearby branches today but the plan was cancelled for today.

The next day, AGM will address us from 09:30am and then participants will be taken to nearby branches in batches and  we will be handed our appointment letters.

This is all for today.

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@Bengal92  If there is already an account with SBI where you are the first holder, you are declaring that in assets and liabilities form. Remember, you will need a staff salary account and no inward remittance is advisable in that account except remittance from SBI. Any violation or complicacy wil have to be justified by you only if an enquiry takes place in this regard. But a customer can not have multiple accounts with multiple CIF numbers. So, when you open an account for your salary, you can either mention your CIF in the account opening form or mention your account number that you already have with SBI and they will find out the CIF number and map it with your new staff salary account number. Else, you may request them to convert your existing account number to staff salary account number.

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@Bengal92  The faculty members here do not have a control on posting of a participant and they have repeatedly made it clear that they do not know how branches are going to be allotted to us even after prolonged questions in this regard. So, I can not say anything more about this. But today, once I receive the appointment letter, I will later share that with you here.

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