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Updated 28 Jul, 2004.
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Iam not too sure if its the post-mba salary that makes ppl wanna do it

there, I feel are ppl with diverse backgrnds, as illustrated a zillion times, which some say adds to the expirience and blah blah

but by diverse does it only mean their salary or their education backgrnd?

I feel there are many factors which draw ppl to it

1: grads who have not been able to find suitable jobs and who hope that with so many companies for campus plcmnts, it will give them ample oppurtunity to get one

2: ppl bored with their job profile

3: ppl stuck at a level and who are convinced that mba wud change it

4: ppl who feel that their work-ex provides little scope for diversifying

5: die-hard wannabe richard bronson's

and am sure there are many more....
so money mite or mite not be a factor

Mogli brother, CAT is a very good career option for those people who have not acheived good jobs/job profiles. It gives one more chance to guys who were not able to do good after their graduation. It is wonderful opportunity to those who are stuck and hate their jobs....

But not everyone of us hate our current jobs.....neither we hate them nor we have some special love towards them.

This thread deals with slightly different kind of people. It deals with those who have already done well before getting into IIM's. Those who have got good campus offers in terms of money and those who are earning nice salary currently in a good job. These days many such people too are joining MBA institutions. We are just curious about the hting which is attracting them...

I would appreciate ketanm for giving such a nice and valid reason for his liking for CAT. Infact he covered almost reason one could have to join IIM's even though he has a good job at his hands.

Garuda is participating welll in this thread, we would request other IIM guys to post their views here...

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