Sad state of Sports in India!! Can we improve? How?

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Asian Games are being played at Doha currently and I was appalled to see the media coverage for it! An half hour Sports Show has 20 mins for cricket and 5 mins for Other Sports. :huh: Why So? Why don't we encourage other sports seriously? Why don'...
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this past week, as part of the entreprenuership summit at IIT Bombay, Viren Rasquinha gave a talk on Olympic Gold Quest, a not for profit organisation, which will collect funds from corporates, individuals, etc. to fund the development of promising atheletes. In fact, Leander Paes is also associated with it (he's the CEO).

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Guys, just a brainwave

The strength of Asian hockey is in dribbling skills which are on display more on grass than astro turf. :)

How about starting a highly professional hockey league comprising of only Indian and Pakistani hockey players played on grass I know this idea may sound absolutely to some, but I guess the biggest audiences for the international game also come from these two countries. (I am not sure ) I know PHL was there but I don't think it was marketed as aggressively or professionally as it could have been. :D

Please pour in with your inputs about this one. :)


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It is sad indeed !

Though we are here to change that atleast we are trying to

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The state of Indian sports is sad indeed. We may have the world's richest cricket board but other sports are really suffering. How can we forget that our Indian Hockey team couldn't qualify to the Olympics this year. Hockey is our national game yet the players are not treated at par with the cricketers. They really lack good coaching and funds. Its just not hockey, this trend is evident in almost every sport other than cricket.

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Time to have some Sports discussion

I started this thread and still we see that apart from Cricket and the new 20:20 fever, nothing excites India. Bhupati-Paes forcibly come to play together just for the sake of India. Sania Mirza has not done much, I only remember her one good season when she did well in Wimbledon. Saina Nehwal and Chandok, Narain Karthikeyan have done well in recent past. But nothing has improved in Indian football. In hockey, we look to have something good by sacking Gill & Co. and doing well in the recent tournament.

What are your thoughts on this ... 😉

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yaar no need to discuss this topic

yesterday Mr Ram lakhwan Atawale has proposed a very simple solution on the RKB show not for sports but for cricket team in particular.

allow for 49.5% in cricket team and we could have easily won the the WC

what a great man. I feel like donkey posting on this thread and same goes for all those who have posted or read this thread.

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Seems we have had a good share of discussion on the dismal state of the so called 'sports' :wow: in India.
We are true denying on that universal fact..we got to be : we believe in the spirit more than winning sometimes...:satisfie:

Jus to kick in some lighter moments.....Comic relief as the pundits may like to call it...A mail which happens to be one of the so many forwards thats doing the round of our Inbox these days..

Some things to cheer in the wake of Indias exit from the World Cup. Too apt for the occasion
Q. What is the difference between George Michael's chin and Dhoni's bat?
A. George Michael's chin has hit more balls.
Q. What is Rahul Dravid's version of a hat-trick?
A. Three runs in three balls.
Q. When did the ball travel at its fastest duuring this Tour?
A. A Zaheer Khan delivery flying towards the boundary.
Q. When would Sourav Ganguly have 100 runs against his name?
A. When he's bowling.
Q. What was the most proficient form of footwork displayed by Tendulkar in the West Indies?
A. The walk back to the pavilion.
Q. What does Harbhajan Singh put in his hands to make sure the next ball takes a wicket?
A. Bat???????
Q. Why can't 'Virgin' be the sponsor of the Indian team?
A. Because in every match our team keeps getting F****D.
Q. What would Glenn McGrath be if he was a Indian?
A. An all-rounder.
Q. What's the Indian version of LBW?
A. Lost, Beaten, Walloped.
Q. Why did Pervez Musharraf kidnap Chaminda Vaas??
A. He just heard about this new weapon for which the Indians have no known defense.
During a Divorce settlement:
Judge: "Little girl, now that your parents are separating do you want to live with your mummy?"
Little Girl: "No, my mummy beats me."
Judge: "Well then, I guess you want to live with your daddy."
Little Girl: "No, my daddy beats me too."
Judge: "Well then, who do you want to live with?"
Little Girl: "I want to live with the Indian Cricket team, they never beat anybody!!!"
Q. What was the role of the Coach on the World Cup?
A. To transport the team from the hotel to the ground.
Q. What do Robin Utthappa and drug addicts have in common??
A. Both spend most of their time wondering when their next shot will be.
Q. What is Dhoni's favorite movie?
A. "Gone in Sixty Seconds"
Q. Both India & Pakistan are out of the World Cup but how can we get one over them?
A. Send Greg Chappell as their new Coach.
Post World Cup, Tendulkar has no job so his wife asks him to go and buy vegetables from the market. Tendulkar too scared to go in public wears a saree and some jewellery. No one recognizes him but while returning, a lady in Burkha walks up to him.
Lady in Burkha: "Oye Sachin, Tu"
Tendulkar: "Arey kisi ne na jaana, tune kaise jaana"
Lady in Burkha: "Oye yaar pehchana nahin, main Agarkar"
Fan: "Can I talk to Sehwag?"
Manager: "He's just gone in to bat."
Fan: "Okay. I'll hold."
An Advertisers Delight
Q. Who is the Luckiest man on earth?
A. The Tata Sky guy whom Hrithik Roshan stops at the airport from boarding a plane to the Caribbean. Come April 15, he could well have been watching Ireland v/s Bangladesh.
Q. Why is Max New York Life looking for a reinsurer?
A. They happen to be Dravids insurance agents.
Q. What is the best thing to happen to Indian Tennis?
A. Dhoni drank a Sprite and decided to shift to Cricket.
Q. Why did Yuvraj get run out against Sri Lanka?
A. He got too tired of riding his Hero Honda from Punjab to Jamaica.
Q. Why couldnt Tendulkar make big runs in the West Indies?
A. The egg eating boy of NECC had broken his handai la.
Q. Where would Zaheer and Sreesanth play Cricket now?
A. On top of buses.. Just Do It.
Q. Why have kids stopped eating Sunfeast biscuits?
A. Ab kisko chahiye apne ghar mein Sachin.
Q. Why were Dravids bowling changes so unintelligent.
A. Anchor electrocuted him.
Q. Why couldnt India win against Bangladesh & Sri Lanka?
A. Its so simple. As Pepsi says Ladega to hee to Jeetega.

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Guys leave the dietary aspects. Veg or non veg, ensure that the junior teams that travel around the country get food that doesnt make them candidates for food poisoning.

One important point that someone touched upon was the effect of cricket eclipsing other sports. I sincerely do believe that cricket ,at least in India should be considered less of a sport and more like the WWE.

Seriously,look at the regions that have produced serious athletes- Kerala,
Rural Punjab and the NorthEast. is not a craze here!
However,it was noticed that with the penetration of cricket,several villages in Punjab had kids giving up hockey!
No wonder the standards are falling.

I hope this world cup debacle does a world of good to other sports.
Our medals in the future are going to come from games like Badminton,chess,archery,etc.

(Indian) cricket will drag on like the sas bahu serials

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Like plumber its stupid for u to opine and relate our dismal state of sport and a solution thereof among many would lie in consumption of 'Non-veg'. That stupid. period.

Go back to my posts and read whatI suggested. I said increase availability of Non-Veg food. I never said consumption of .. is a solution.. U picked up a word from a point on nutrition which I mentioned.. I do not think heightened awareness on nutrition will be disputed by any1.

And as for ur points, well the solutions here are not being suggested only for TT and Billiards, they are for other gams also. And in TT and Billiards also, do u want people to be weighing 100+ Kg. If so, recommend that there is no need to follow any diet.. Go ahead, eat Golguppas, and whatever else u can lay ur hand on..

My friend, U are a rich person. U can afford costly cheese slices, Soy Milk, Whey powder and else, but what about those billion poor souls who are struggling to make both ends meet. Do they not deserve an equal hand at the sports that are monopoly of city players - not because of talent but because they can't afford a balanced diet. All I meant was that people will have more options at cheaper prices if Non-Veg food availability is increased.
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This is the problem with India.. People start mixing their personal feelings or religion with everthing else..

I am not asking every vegetarian Joe to become non-vegetarian. I myself am majorly a vegetarian. But does that mean that we should oppose non-vegetarians.

The tragedy is even for the people who wants to depend on non-vegetarian food, there are no options available particularly in states like Rajasthan and Gujarat. My only point was that it wud be beneficial for such people if due to increased availbility of Non-Vegetarian food, these people can take a balanced diet after spending less money.. Now is that so bad. I think not..

I'm not sure if u accused me of mixing personal feelings or religion. Neverthless....

Like plumber its stupid for u to opine and relate our dismal state of sport and a solution thereof among many would lie in consumption of 'Non-veg'. That stupid. period.
U don't need broad shoulders in games like Table tennis. U dont need immensley huge endurance and power in sports like shooting.

I mean at the cost of being arrogant, I 've played basketball at the national level and dare I would attritbute it to my diet of butter chicken and bhuna ghost. Our school had awsome facilities which was a huge incentive for sport. You played it and did well irrespective of whether ur gujrati(please do'nt bring in regionalism here) and therefore the problem with our diet. I mean dude u can be gujrati and still churn out P. Advani. U don't need non -veg. And the fact that many sportpersons don't go the distance at the international level is got to do with compt. dude not ur food intake.

And just to let u know the sports which involve a lot of pushing and shoving is just not about ur physical abilities but about how aggressive one is mentally. So its not always brawn. Its a cultural DNA thing about lacking that killer instinct and very agressive frame of mind.

Its the level of domestic sport and whether u would feel secure about chosing it as a career and therefore going the distance. No great pride in just being part of the Navy team to being employed more out of mere social service than actual deserving merit.

My solution in any case would be
A. Get the Army ot play an important role, which the IOC is/has contemplatiing and is working.
B. Concentrate sports in which we can do well. Sports that are more skill based. Concentrate energies on fewer sports to ensure that they reap the benefits. Sports like shooting need more consitency. We can do well in them

There is absolutley no point in wanting India to be good in sports that u like rather lets secure ourselves in sports that we can be good at.

And yeah the unfortunate mixing of religion and personal feelings is a universal thing...
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