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Management studies is most sort out career for students. IAMR is synomous of management education. With an experience of glorious 19 years IAMR is building career of students in Management courses. Join us to embark on the road of success.

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The old model of business school education is gone. It’s no longer good  enough to sequester yourself on campus for two years before heading out  into the world of commerce. How the perceived value of  an MBA education is changing in the digital era, and how MBA programs  are innovating in response to individual and company demands is very interesting to know. 

Most of us are busy in belling the CAT but their is life beyound that. Lets discuss are we after CAT or we after enabling us to master the field of management. You can come up with your querries, questions and suggestions that can help us to know whats beyound CAT. 

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you can also share your experince if you have written CAT this year. 

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