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How to use this pandemic to grow in your career | Tips to find a job

With the outbreak of the pandemic, millions of workers have now lost their jobs. This has not only hit the global economy but job searches have taken a toll. Many businesses have been forced to shut, while others are managing using measures like hiring freezes, layoffs, pay cuts, etc. Graduates who would have started their careers this year are distressed and cannot find the right job. With everything come to a standstill, finding a job is extremely challenging. We have been hearing negative comments about the job industry like, “You can’t get a job”, “There’s only layoff, no hiring” or “In this recession, the job industry is dead. But can you find a job this in a pandemic? 

more @ https://www.openeducationportal.com/find-job-in-pandemic/ 

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@YEPINDIA Point 3 is apt in my case. आप अच्छे इंसान प्रतीत होते हो। इस लिंक को साझा करने लिए आपका शुक्रिया। 😁

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@hash_tag ha ha, thanks for that. Kindly share it... if you really love it.

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