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RBI Grade-B Officer 2015-16 , Phase-I II & Interview

This group is for "dedicated, determined and pragmatic" aspirants of RBI grade B officer exam 2016-17 (if RBI will conduct) who want to aspire it to be their final attempt and are ready to prepare together for phase-I, II & Interview. 

Please remember that any kind of non-serious/repetitive posts will be deleted. Respect for each others opinion is expected while discussion. 

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In a bid to boost internationalisation of the rupee, the RBI has relaxed norms for the opening of special non-resident rupee (SNRR) accounts and permitted direct remittance from India into these accounts.

Now, RBI has expanded the scope of SNRR Account by permitting person resident outside India to open such account for:

External Commercial Borrowings in INR;

Trade Credits in INR;

Trade (Export/ Import) Invoicing in INR; and

Business related transactions outside International Financial Service Centre (IFSC) by IFSC units at GIFT city like administrative expenses in INR outside IFSC, INR amount from sale of scrap, government incentives in INR, etc.

It has also been decided to rationalise certain other provisions for operation of the SNRR Account, as under:

Remove the restriction on the tenure of the SNRR account opened for the purposes given at paragraph 3 above as the proposed transactions are more enduring in nature.

Apart from Non-Resident Ordinary (NRO) Account, permit credit of amount due/ payable to non-resident nominee from account of a deceased account holder to Non-Resident External (NRE) Account or direct remittance outside India through normal banking channels.


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Corporate Tax Rate Cuts :How the decision will have an impact on the economy?
  • More Money to the hands of Private players: Experts believe that lowering the tax rate will leave more money to the hands of the private sector which can offer people more incentive to produce and contribute to the economy.
  • Widening the Economic Base: Corporate tax rate is the major determinant which defines the economic activity of the private sector. Thus, the present tax cut can help the wider economic growth.
  • Capital Inflow to the Economy: Corporate tax rate is also a major determinant of how investors allocate capital across various economies. Offering a lower tax rate will attract more investors to the economy that will further raise capital inflow into the economy.
  • Competitive Economy: The present cut in taxes can make India more competitive on the global stage by making Indian corporate tax rates comparable to that of rates in East Asia.
  • Greater Tax Collections: At the same time, the present tax cut can help boost tax collections and compensate for the loss of revenue.
  • Expansion of the Corporate Footnote: The benefit is immense as it might expand the corporate universe as new firms will now be taxed at 15 percent.
  • More Employment to the Economy: Attracting investors by lowering the tax rate will generate more employment and will help increase the purchasing power of the people.
  • Flip to the Government Programme: The move will also give thrust to government initiatives like Make in India, Startup India, etc. which had taken a hit in the past couple of years.
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RBI Vision 2022 (Utkarsh 2022)

RBI released Utkarash 2022, its vision documentBANKING POLICYduring July 2019. It provides information about, what RBI's plans for future. A summary is provided.

Mission: To promote the economic and financial well-being of the people of India in terms of price and financial stability; fair
and universal access to financial services; and a robust, dynamic
and responsive financial intermediation infrastructure.

Core Purpose :
1. To foster confidence in the internal and external value of the
Rupee and contribute to macro-economic stability
2. To regulate markets and institutions under its ambit, to ensure
financial system stability and consumer protection
3. To promote the integrity, efficiency, inclusiveness and
competitiveness of the financial and payment systems
4. To ensure efficient management of currency as well as banking
services to the Government and banks
5. To support balanced, equitable and sustainable economic
development of the country

Values: RBI commits itself to the following shared values that
guide organisational decisions and employee actions in pursuit ofthe Bank’s core purpose:

Public Interest : RBI in its actions and policies, seeks to promote
public interest and the common goodResponsiveness and Innovation: RBI seeks to be a dynamicorganisation responsive to public needs.

Integrity and Independence: To maintain highest standards of
integrity through openness, trust and accountabilityIntrospection and pursuit of excellence: RBI is committed toself-appraisal, introspection and professional excellence

VISION 1: Excellence in performance of functions.

A: Furthering the monetary policy framework and operating
procedure; enriching statutory publications; and striving for a
‘state-of-the-art’ data-intensive policy research framework
B : Creating a resilient financial intermediation ecosystem; refining
the regulatory, supervisory and financial inclusion framework.
C : Strengthening resilience, integrity and efficiency of the financialmarkets infrastructure with a focus on deepening digital payments
D: Enhancing efficiency of the ‘Banker to Government’ function
E: Broadening and widening debt markets.
F: Revamping the currency management system through enhanced
efficiency in procurement and distribution.

VISION 2: Strengthened trust of citizens and other institutions.
A : Strengthening external communication framework.
B: Creating an enabling environment to develop consumer-friendly
financial services providers
C: Ensuring sound and comprehensive internal
and external RBI policies
D: Adopting a ‘less paper’ and virtual workflowfor external stakeholders

VISION 3: Enhanced relevance andsignificance in national and global roles

A: Intensifying presence in national forums to
improve domestic financial infrastructure
B: Enhancing RBI’s brand equity.
C: Amplifying international financial
engagement by articulating RBI’s stance and
views on major global economic and regulatory
policy issues.
D: Strengthening existing positions in
supranational institutions.

VISION 4: Transparent, accountable andethics-driven internal governance
A: Reinforcing governance and code of ethics
B: Upgrading internal controls through robust
risk management, auditing & compliance
functions through international best practices
C: Adopting ‘less paper’ & virtual internal

VISION 5: Best-in-class and environment-friendly digital as well as physical infrastructure

A: Automating processes, achieving integration
of information and ensuring cyber security.

VISION 6: Innovative, dynamic & skilledHuman Resources

A: Reviewing and reframing the organisational
structure to effectively implement all strategies
B: Enhancing skills of human resources for
creating a suitable training framework
C: Establishing an objective performance
assessment system for efficient HRM.
D: Using technology and data analytics to
promote research-based decision making by
the workforce

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The best telegram channel for free study materials for RBI GRADE B , SEBI GRADE A , NABARD GRADE A and B Preparation:


RBI GRADE B GOVERNMENT SCHEMES: https://drive.google.com/file/d/15HnubkL4mB_R5AV74nrOvEyjJR065HaL/view?usp=drivesdk 



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Question no. 26-30 are to be answered based on the Paragraph:

Bushra Nazir from Jammu and Kashmir, shares "I am from a poor family. I wanted to do a job to support my family. But I was not able to find a way out. One day, a team of Mass Infotech Society visited my area and approached many youth including me for skill development training programme. They informed that they have started a job-linked skill development programme under "GoI" Scheme in our area, which gave me a ray of hope". After completing my studies up to class 12th, I was not able to study further because of financial problems. I was losing my hopes and enthusiasm. When a team of Mass Infotech Society visited our area and gave us the details of the scheme, I decided to join the skill development programme without any delay. I visited the Mass Infotech Centre at Bohri Kadal, Srinagar and got further details regarding the program. Considering my capabilities, the organization informed me about Banking & Accounting Trade. I was also informed that I would get training on soft skills, IT and personality development in addition. I joined the programme and did my training. It was a new experience for me. I enjoyed the training by participating in many activities. In classes I learned many things related to my sector. The classes on soft skills, computers and personality development helped me in grooming myself. After the training, the organization has helped me to get a job as an Accountant at Digital Computer Institute with monthly salary of Rs. 12300. Before this job, my family suffered a lot as my father was the only bread earner. I am very thankful to Ministry & Mass Infotech Society as they have taken up such a useful programme for economic empowerment of poor minorities. I wish this programme continues in Jammu and Kashmir which would provide a better option to the unemployed youth.

Q.26 Which of the following scheme has been referred in the above paragraph:

a.  Nai Udaan Scheme

b.  Seekho aur Kamao

c.  Nai Roshni

d.  Nai Manzil

Q.27 The referred scheme is implemented by which of the following ministry:

a.  MoWCD

b.  MoSJ&E

c.  MoRD

d.  MoMA

Q.28 The referred scheme is a Central Sector scheme implemented since …..for skill development of minorities:

a.  2013-14

b.  2004-05

c.  2010-11

d.  2016-17

Q.29 The scheme will be implemented for the benefit of the 6 (Six) notified minority communities under National Commission for Minorities Act 1992, which of the following is not a minority community

a.  Muslims

b.  Christians

c.  Sikhs

d.  Buddhists

e.  Bhil

Q.30 Which of the following is not true about the scheme:

a.  Minimum 33% seats will be reserved for minority girl/ women candidates in programme.

b.  Priority will be given to organizations who would guarantee 75% overall placement percentage and out of that at least 50% placement should be in organized sector.

c.  The trainee should be between 14-45 years of age.

d.  The minimum qualification of trainee should be at least Class10th.

if you are able to answer the questions as given below then you are well prepared otherwise you need to work hard.

 Questions are being asked on similar pattern in RBI GRADE B Phase II.

NABARD GRADE A and B 2019 results

Congratulations to all selected candidates

2 final selection out of 8 in NABARD GRADE B 

6 final selection out of 41 in NABARD GRADE A

While only 10 students appeared in interview.

And approx 60 subcribers for our NABARD Courses as we launched the courses little late.

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MNNIT Recruitment 2019 For Superintendent, Junior Assistant, Senior Assistant, Junior Assistant and Various Posts.

Last Date : 30-09-2019 (5:30 PM)

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SELLING THE PHASE1 AND PHASE 2 ENTIRE COURSE FOR ₹3000. I had to give up on my RBI Gr B preparation as the notification didn't come out on the time I expected as I've crossed 30 years. contact me on my email ID - sleek.over@gmail.com RBI Gr B 2019 course - Phase 1 1) All topics in Quant covered ( videos + notes + topic wise quiz) 2) All topics in Reasoning covered ( videos + notes + topic wise quiz) 3) All topics covered for English ( videos + notes + quiz) 4) Monthly Gk digest for all bank exams since December 2018 5) RBI Gk digest since December 2018. (Includes yojana and Kurushetra magazine's summary, RBI and SEBI circulars for every month and current affairs. 6) Banking awareness ( videos + notes + quiz) 7) Financial awareness ( videos + notes + quiz) 8) Static GK (videos +notes+quiz) Phase 2 1) All topics covered in ESI. (Videos +notes+quiz) 2) All topic covered in FM (videos+notes+quiz) 3) Topics covered for English descriptive paper. (Videos + notes+ quiz) 4) Govt schemes (videos+notes+quiz) 5) Reports and Index. Test series- 15 mock tests for phase 1 and 10 mock tests for EACH subject for phase 2. Discussion board available. All the notes are in pdf and can be downloaded

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