RBI GK Phase-1 3/8/2014

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1\. Purpose of financial statements : a ) Transparency b)Review c ) Regulatory2\. Author of book "The Low Land" : Jhumpa Laheri3\. Father's Day4\. Ist foreign visit of PM of india to which country : Bhutan5\. Accompany of PM to Bhutan...
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1. Purpose of financial statements : a ) Transparency b)Review c ) Regulatory

2. Author of book "The Low Land" : Jhumpa Laheri

3. Father's Day

4. Ist foreign visit of PM of india to which country : Bhutan

5. Accompany of PM to Bhutan :

6. Who got the 1st Nobel price in Asia : Rabindra Nath Tagore

7. Which one is not a function of RBI

8. How RBI will increase liquidity in the market

9. On definition of SARFAESI act

10. On ARC ?

11. On ARC ?

12. President of World Bank

13. Currency & country matching which one is wrong

14. Capital & country matching which one is wrong

15. Current A/c Deficit as on 31.03.2014 : $ 32 billion

16. Who has given $ 100 million loan to Uttrakhand

17. Who is not a member of SAARC

18. Where final match of FIFA took place ? Rio de

19. What is the maximum amount for Ombudsman complaint settlement ? 10 Lakhs

20. Who is not an economist ? a) Amratya Sen b) Md. Younis c) Nandan Nilekani

21. Dalai Lamba , Verghese Kurien and others got which prize : Ramon magsaysay Award

22. 1 basis point ? 0.01

23. BMB is the first womens bank launched in 2013. How much is the maximum limit of amount that is provided to promote women entrepreneurship?

24. CAMELS rating system is controlled by?

25. Floods in Mumbai named : nanauk

26. When banks open account with 2-3 other banks to clear outstanding cheques, this term is called as? Kite Fying

27. 1St News paper published

28. Inflation Definition

29. Dematerialisation?

30. RBI governor succeded ?

31. Who praised Modi for inviting sharif

32. Which Marathi won award ?

33. Who is known as Pancham Da ?

34. Not an negotiable instrument ?

35. What is Gilt Bonds?

36. Rate of interest received till maturity ?

37. Indirect Tax ? Central excise tax

38. Market cap ?

39. Intangible Assets ?

40. Not a Mortgage Loan ?

41. Member of Economic Adviser Council ?

42. Which of these is a scheduled commercial bank?

43. Who won knighthood award from Britain

44. Function of IMF

45. Bank and credit card holder relationship ?

46. Birth place of Gautama Buddha?

47. Current Finance Minister in cabinet

48. Monuments not there in delhi(5 monuments are given humayun tomb,jantar mantar,bibi ka .......)

49. Which cabinet minister defeated in Lok Sabha Elections?

50. Dada Saheb Phalke award winner 2013

51. SBI has how many associates present

52. Green back currency is which country currency

53. Which of the following is market regulator?

54. FDI meaning complete depth ?

55. Which of the following function not done by commodity exchange? 56. Options given for RTGS - choose wrong one?(see inter banks transfer available or not....,mobile is there or not like that)

57. Housing loan exemption limit according to new budget

58. Which of the following is not come under RBI? a)NBFC b) Mutual Fund like that options

59. Which world site may loose its UNESCO world heritage site status? 60. What is "C" in SAARC

61.Housing loan exemption from the income tax is in the form of a) interest of the loan b) Principal + interest c) only principal

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