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Pardon me for posting this sort of stuff on this thread, but considering the staggering number of followers that this thread has, it makes perfect sense to do so.

I have been preparing for CAT 2014 for while a while now (around 9 months or so). Have been scoring decent marks, not great though. Apparently, since the last month I have lost of the motivation that drove me, I have lost interest, I have developed an aversion towards Mocks. Everything seems so repetitive. 

People tell me that mine is a classic case of 'Burn-out'. Most of the enthusiasm that I had initially has waned off. I look forward to things / activities that most of the CAT aspirants avoid doing at this time. I have already revised most of my notes, and going through the same notes over and over again depresses me. People usually pick up speed at this time, on the other hand, I am slacking. This bothers me, I should be studying, practicing and revising and I sometimes do but the bout of motivation is lost in midst of the toil. AIMCATs demoralize me and sitting for a mock seems to be such a difficult task now.

Just wanted to know if there are people like me, who have also faced or facing such an issue. What should I do? Aren't you guys bored? How do you manage to keep adrenaline pumping? 

PS: I have put a temporary moratorium on mocks. Would start appearing for them from the weekend.  

Also I am a working professional.

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Happens Dude..be easy on yourself...for next 10-15 days study for 1-2 hours on weekdays and 3 hours on weekends...Try reading interesting stuff and rejuvenate urself and watch movies etc ....Trust me, 60% of serious candidates face this situation... 

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It happens to many including me , most of the time I have thought whether to take up even MOCK exams ....Give a break to your life..Don't study for a week ..Take up a tour.

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