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 राज कौशल योजना – [Apply Online] Raj Kaushal Yojana Portal 2020 – Online Registration, Application Form, Eligibility, Features, Benefit and Check Online Application Status at  https://www.policeresults.com/raj-kaushal-yojana/ 

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Key Objective of Scheme

Scheme Objective

In order to provide employment opportunities close to home to the residents of Rajasthan state and to ensure availability of qualified personnel required for various business activities, “Raj-Kaushal Yojana” online platform has been developed, with its main objectives: –

  • Providing online platform for service provider and service provider
  • Providing local personnel to the institute / firm / company / businessman / individual etc. as required
  • Providing information of nearest service provider to people seeking employment
  • Upgrading skills by providing special training of manpower as per requirement
  • Preparation of track record and database to assist in the formulation of schemes for the upliftment of available manpower in the state
  • Working as an online employment center, ensuring employment opportunities and supply of industrial labor to the unemployed in times of epidemic or disaster like Korana.
  • Increase in per capita income
  • Availability of local resources for disaster management
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