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Hi Friends, I am starting this thread for your queries regarding XLRI HRM program. If you have any specific doubts regarding HR or HRM program, plz ask...... I will try my best to answer your queries but before you ask any specific doubt...
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Any Xlri student or alumni reading this message ? i need some advice

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Pm me

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have few doubts, please help.

i am waitlisted for HRM. 

-What is the initial amount XLRI ask us to pay when we clear the cutoff and in   what period we have to submit it ?

-For loans, is there any provision that the bank that has tie up with XLRI pay our first installment ? What is the procedure ?

-Are we suppose to report there before actual joining date (11th june as i have heard) ?

Thanks in advance :)

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@pagal94  ·  10 karma

607000-50000=557000, so 557000 is the amount. You'll get around 3-4 days to make the payment through RTGS/NEFT. You'll also have to post/mail the slip from RTGS and filled Annexture-B to XL AO.

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no u don't need to report bhefoe te original date, unless there  an official communication, lite le boss!

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WL for HRM moved to 275.Any chance for 291? How many candidates in between ? Any idea to  our friends?

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hey.. did u convert last year.. mine HR wl at 261 any chance of conversion?

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is there any whatsapp or facebook group?

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My target is to go for MBB consulting roles post MBA. I only have XLRI HRM admit right now. Should i go for it? Are HRM people offered non-HR roles like consulting?

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@stonerG  ·  33 karma

HR consulting is an option. But MBB is extremely competitive and only the most stellar candidates are considered. Better to do a general MBA and break into consulting, With work ex in relevant field, you could break into MBB. Cheers XD

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mbb roles are mostly offered through PPOs. not to say that that is the only way to get them. yet your profile matters a lot. if you have not held PORs in your career so far and have average acads, it becomes very very tough. you'll have to perform out of your skin in the bschool. also, i suggest that if you dont wish to have a career in hr, dont pursue it. hoping for a different specialisation role after pursing a specialisation course is not a good idea imo.

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WhatsApp or FB link for xlri HR converts???

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XL HRM wL-292 Chance for getting admiision? When?

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 WL-272 for XL-HRM. Any chances of clearing ?

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WL-241 for XLRI-HRM...........any chances of clearing?

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Near guarantee.

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Hey thanks! :)

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 Very Important for those looking to pay the first installment from education loan.
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Dear Students, 

Congratulations on your admission to one of the most prestigious institutions of Asia -XLRI ! We at Central Bank Of India ,Adityapur would be privileged to be a part on your journey in XLRI.We have come up with attractive and special education loan for the students of XLRI.The salient features are:-  

  • Loan amt-30 lakhs
  • Interest Rate-MCLR=8.5%  
  • No spread.                   
  • Coborrower -Not mandatory ,sanction in the individual name of students.
  • Spot sanction.
  • Excellent post sales service(ONLINE).No running to bank for release of future installments.
  • 100% finance
  • No margin
  • No security/collateral-Your admission to the institution is security enough.
  • No guarantee
  • Repayment –upto 15 years
  • Expenses of laptop ,foreign assignment ,living expenses .motorbike  etc. also covered.
  • Interst subsidy applicable as per govt of India Norms.
  • NO hidden charges.
  • 1.ID proof –PAN CARD and Aadhar Card
  •  2.Address proof-Voter id /electricity bills/telephone bill/aadhar card etc 
  • 3.10th to till date marksheet and certificates 
  • 4.XAT score card.
  •  5.XLRI Offer letter and fee structure 
  •  6.Passport size photos-3

Feel free to contact for any query. Regards,Anshu Jha (PH NO. 8298196621) ,Branch Manager Central Bank Of India Branch:-Adityapur. AIADABuilding, Adityapur, Jamshedpur JHARKHAND 831013. 

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@sudipto23 was really helpful 💯

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