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Questions from memory in no particular order: 1) Percentage marks for passing:70 2) A beats B y X m. B beats C by Y metres in a race: 880 3) Wheel speed: 16pi 4)15 Lakhs Investment break up :9? 5)Machines and men.Work and time: 13 6) If A and B can finish work in 12 days: 18? 7) Area between x+y=2 and x>1: 4? 8) No of solutions for x(6x^2 +1) = 5x^2:1? add to this list

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@cirkus-lizard. yes it was .. how was your cat bro.. you were one of the better scorers in mocks iirc

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It was ok.Maths was easy.Dilr was easy to average and english toh everyone knows.You can write volumes about some of the craxy tike consuming passages especially that english folk rock passage

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