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The sole purpose of this :: Thread is to bring together the CAT aspirants who are solving the Quant book by Arun Sharma. This will be a common place to discuss any doubts while solving the questions. As there are many questions in the book where ...
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The HCF and LCM of two numbers are 33 and 264,

respectively. When the first number is divided by 2,

the quotient is 33. The other number is?

The Answer by formula hcf x lcm = a*b comes to 132 but logically, if 2 numbers are 66 & 132, their LCM would be 132 not 264. For LCM to be 264, with 66, then other number must be 264

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Anyone doing TSD right now?

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CAT LRDI Must Do Sets | 100+ CAT Level DILR Practice Sets | Cubes | Dice | Routes and Networks

Cubes, Dice, Routes and Networks come up in CAT sporadically. These questions require concepts of Geometry, Visualization and Optimization.  


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The Ultimate B-School Selection Guide : 2020


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CAT QA Explainer | Geometry | Mensuration | Quadrilaterals Pt 02 | Rhombus | Rectangles | Squares

In this CAT QA Explainer session we continue from the parallelograms and extend the properties to Rhombus, Rectangle and Squares.  


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CAT QA Explainer | Geometry | Mensuration | Triangles | Similar Triangles | Congruent Triangles | Application

In this part of CAT QA Explainers, on application of triangles in Geometry and Mensuration, we look at similar and congruent triangles. Two topics that a lot of CAT Aspirants fear a lot. We look at how to relate to those in real life and solve a few questions from past CAT and XAT Papers


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