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Dear All, As we all know, the Puyscars 2013 nominations are now on at PuYsCaRs 2013 - The 2012-13 PG Awards Nominations Thread : Chit-Chat : PaGaLGuY Forums Since that specific thread is limited to nominations only, please feel free...
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2. Favorite Poster: :gm: :w00t: w00t: :gm:


😍 lookround lookround mg Thank you, Thank you everybody for all your love and support. :* :gm: :cheers: 🎂 Hope to having a life-long relationship with this Paglon-ka-jhundd. 👼👼👼👼

-Addicted Pagli :blush: #feels-proud mg
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30. SB/TH Personality of the year:

Well, in short, SB changed my life :).

Learnt a lot, made awesome friends, lots of bakar, discussions on music, love and life, got banned :mg: , in-numerous PG meets (so much that someone made a confession that he/she hated me for always discussing about meets on SB 😛 ), posted my CAT result and the final result there and what not. We even converted SB into a preparation thread before CAT to mix bakar and padai, which had never happened before 😃

As I look back, I remember reading and revising pages of SB just to re-live those moments again. So many different people, who were once complete strangers, coming together and sharing their interests with each other as if they always knew them. I learnt a lot from so many learned people and also how they lead their lives through struggles and smiles. I cherished the humility, support and confidence of them, while contributing with whatever little knowledge I had from my life's experiences. Never did I expect anything in return, and received only immense happiness from the smiles which I could bring to other's faces.

I dedicate this award to the people who were with me during that phase. I will call it the Golden phase of my PG life. 😃

Now as I embark upon my next journey, I wish that my fellow puys face every struggle with a smile, and accept each achievement with humble pride.

To end with, as I always say - "May be the destination is not for me, but the journey is ..." and this journey was indeed memorable and filled with :mg: , :lookaround: , :splat: , :angry: , 😛 and of course 😃

PS: Aah, itni bakar kar di ke award de diya :splat: .. :mg:
May be the destination is not for me, but the journey is..http://www.pagalguy.com/forums/chit-chat/shoutbox-t-83788/p-3594016/r-4343099
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11. PG Queen

After looking at the result my reaction was like

>😐 -->who is it😲 -->oh that's me😍 -->oh nosplat-->oh yeslookround -->yayy 🍻-->back to normal mode mg mg mg mg

Joined PG way back in 2011. Few chain of incidents took place in my life and

got hell lot of support from here 😃 PG is more like a family to me now :thumbsup: The only thing I can do is make difference in people's lives 😃


Talking about the deserving part :mg: umm...yes i deserve this title :mg: nomination says it all :splat: n waise bhi moi nick name is Rani..so m a Queen by birth so kahin to ye name ka impact hona hi tha :splat: so on PG "PG Queen" mg

Thanks a lot for all your support!

Haso Hasao Life Banao :D, PG QUEEN 2013 :mg:
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1. Best Poster - Tie between me & PG God - Vision Saaar

Well, it's an honor to share this award with someone like Vision Saar who is the God at PG.. 😁 I have grown on PG seeing and motivated by your posts Sir. So, I would dedicate this award to you.. 😃

3/15/16. Most Helpful B-School Student / Best Poster & Most Helpful User in CAT/XAT Forums - avinashkrjha

Well, I feel very happy to get these awards. I was very much active in the thread "Which B-School" , CAT/XAT Results Discussions Thread and probably replied to each and every PM that I got. It sometimes crossed 100+ as well in a day. I would dedicate this award to GIM. I got quite popular in my college because of this.

I would like to thank one and all who voted for me. It's a great feeling to win quite a number of puyscars.. 😃 Hoping to continue my efforts at PG.. 😃

27. Best Life at B-School Thread - GIM

I know that I have not won this award. But, this award to GIM means much more to me than all other awards. I was a big fan of the posts of this thread even before I joined GIM. So, it was always a dream to write posts in this thread. Fortunately, I got that opportunity and when it wins an award today, it def is a moment of pride for me.. 😃

AVINASH JHA || Goa Institute of Management || 2011-13 || Admin Head, Cathedral Vidya School, Lonavala
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12. Three users you would like to meet: naga25french

I think i did justice to this award by coming to the meet somehow :mg:

4. Most Networked user: naga25french

Well if i say i don't deserve this award this year , no one is gonna believe me . I hardly interacted with newbies this year . Perhaps my earlier karma helped me to complete the Hat-trick in this category .

Thanks everyone for considering me and voted for me . Humbled by your nominations .

Cheers .

You are not rich until you own your mistakes - Linda Poindexter
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Alrighty then people, here are the winners of Puyscars 2013!!!

(Some basic level of scamming was seen, but not deep rot enough for us to ban these users. We just nullified those votes, in fact.)

Across all forums & sections

1. Best Poster: Tie between @avinashkrjha and @visionIIM-ACL

2. Favourite Poster: @brixcel

3. Most Helpful B-School student/alumnus: @avinashkrjha

4. Most Networked user: @naga25french

5. Most Proactive user for offline PG Activities: @deepak_pgi

6. Best Newcomer: @FSOG

7. Best OMPA: @visionIIM-ACL

8. Favourite Moderator: @visionIIM-ACL

9. Most Active PG City: PUNE

10. PG King: @Estallar12

11. PG Queen: @sabrinakhan

12. Three users you would like to meet: @visionIIM-ACL, @naga25french, and @pagalguy

PS: As many as 50 puys were named for this category!

13. Special Mention Award: @DeAdLy, @deepu, and @sam1nitb

CAT & related B-schools || XAT, SNAP, IIFT, MAT, CMAT and related B-schools

14. Best Thread: UDT 2012 won with an overwhelming margin of 10 votes!

15. Best Poster & 16. Most Helpful user (Categories were combined): @avinashkrjha

CAT: Quant Prep || CAT: Verbal Prep || CAT: GK & other resources

17. Best Poster: @jain4444

18. Most Helpful user in Quant Prep section: @chillfactor

19. Most Helpful user in Verbal Prep section: @spectramind07

20. Most Helpful user in GK & other resources section: @rhinorocks

GMAT & GRE prep || GMAT accepting B-schools

21. Best Thread: No votes received, award nullified.

22. Best Poster & 23. Most Helpful user (Categories were combined): @baccardisprite

Jobs & Careers || Pre-MBA Jobs || Post-MBA Jobs

24. Best Thread: Why Marketing?

25. Best Poster: @visionIIM-ACL

26. Most Helpful user: @abhimukh19

Chit-Chat || PG-Meets & Events || Touching Lives || Life @ B-schools

27. Best Life at B-school thread: GIM

28. Best Poster: All nominees got just one vote, so no one gets this award.

29. Most Humorous Post: No valid nominations received.

Shoutbox Thread || Town Hall

30. SB/TH Personality of the year: @YouMadFellow


31. Best Reporter: @laj won by just 3 votes over the runner-up @astha_a

32. Best Guest Writer: @chuck_gopal won by an overwhelming margin of over 20 votes over the runner-up @ravihanda

All Winners are requested to kindly give their acceptance speeches of their awards. Everyone else, please pour in their congratulations for the winners.

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Just realized even @FSOG is eligible for Newcomer award!! The id created once he decided to be hyper active on forum! 😃 Led the UDT upfront! Will pour in more suggestions once they strike! 😃

** MBA is hyped but post MBA life is over hyped **
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@firsty @Omkarp @FSOG This reminds me of the time when @puri.pallavi won the PG Queen award by just one vote, the runner up being @estranged_gnrs
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@grondmaster why don't you make a poll in moderator thread.. as there is already a pre-nominated list available
NITIE :2013-15 Special Mention PUYscar award '13 (actually didn't get any award) http://pagalguy.com/news/shutterbugs-nitie-a-17924979/
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Hi puys...!
Chalo seriously bata do...Who do you think is the best candidate for "Best Newcomer" on PG...?! mg

But I have promises to keep,And miles to go before I sleep.
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