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I worked 10 month in 6people private limited company and left it in April 2017, in proper way and was also received full and final cheque from company. But my boss said that for relieving letter I have to pay INR 100000. (he is harassing me intentionally and making wrong allegations against me for mistakes and asking me for money……….as I had not done any mistake his sole purpose is to make money from me). My boss said he can do only one thing in my favor and could speak to my Bank HR over phone that I am relieved properly……..or to email my boss by my bank so that boss can reply bank that I am relieved properly. I had mentioned company name, from to date, position held, duties in IBPS RRB VI PO (Scale-1) application form, and ticked as currently not working. In interview I had submitted fake relieving letter(experience is true). And I am finally selected.. joining DV around 5april. I want to correct above fake letter mistake.... 1. Is it essential for candidates who worked in private limited company to submit relieving letter for joining bank???? 2. If yes then making notorized declaration/affidavit on 100 rs stamp paper ..that I don't have letter but I have relieved.properly.....will solve my problem? 3. Does my bank will accept the option to talk/email my boss to get confirmation that I am relieved.? 4. Sending resignation once again via inland letter via registered post and mentioning’’reply within 15 days if they have any issue otherwise it will be considered as you have accepted resignation and relieved me properly………..and showing receipt of it to bank will solve my problem? (I already put resignation around 29/03/2017 to company, but I don’t have ‘’acceptance’’ remarked copy of it, even boss denied to give it to me) 5. Or any other suggestion/solution???? Note-I have appointment letter, last 3.5 month salary slip, bank account statement with only "salary" word (here my company name is not available) in it....

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Hey did you joined ?

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@Shenkis only sign of boss is done by me

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