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Updated 1 Aug, 2012.

This thread is dedicated to answer all sort of queries related to Department of Management Sciences, Pune University (P.U.MBA) for 2012-2014 Batch

Be precise and clear.

Lets abide by PG Rules. No Comparisons, no arguments, no misguiding statements, etc.

P.U.MBA website (for general information):
Website : :: PUMBA :: Department of Management Sciences, University of Pune

Also please go through previous year's thread to avoid redundancy of data

All the Best.

Karan Mehta,
Department of Management Sciences,
Pune University (P.U.MBA)
Legacy since 1971

PUMBA prides itself in being the only University B-School with a unique
credit system based course curriculum encompassing theoretical excellence
and practical sector specific electives spread across a rigorous trimester
pattern schedule. This and other changes at PUMBA have been received and
recognized well across the industry for last 40 years.PUMBA was recognized by Outlook magazine as one amongst the top 3 University B-Schools and 25th best B-school in India in Feb 2010 edition

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