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Hello all, I am an Indian IT male. I have a job experience of 1 year and have a Gmat score of 620 (maths 47, verbal 29). I am planning for a masters in management course preferably in Europe. Could you help me suggest the B-school...
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Hi Team,

Please examine and provide a holistic honest feedback on my profile for ISB Hyderabad

Academics :

10th --- 93.5%

12th --- 75.5%

B.Tech --- 77.5%

GMAT : 720

Academic Achievements :

1. Silver medal holder in Engineering second year rank.

2. Bronze medal holder for consecutive semesters 04,05& 06 in Engineering.

3. Sponsor Head for EXTC department in Engineering.

4. Elected as Vice-President and Sponsor head for EXTC Department.

5. Elected as President and Sponsor head for EXTC Department.

Extra Activities :

1. Cross fit athlete.

2. Working with NGO in collaboration with Government of Maharashtra 

3. Volunteer for Beach Warriors an initiative for clean beaches in Mumbai

4. Organizing member and event manager for Zee Jaipur Literature Festival 2019.

5. Working in collaboration with Reliance Foundation for English education in Municipal Schools 

6. Fund raiser for Akshay Patra

7. Poet and food travel blogs.

8. Member and Winner of Toastmaster competitions 

Work Experience and Achievements:

1. Working as Software Integration Architect in Reliance Jio .

2. Managed and delivered on crucial Jio products such as Jio Phone Handsets, FTTX technologies and many more internal products.

3. Lead a team of graduate trainees in successfully deployment and delivery of multiple Jio Products.

4. Working in Real Time System deliveries overseeing huge revenues from Customer Base. 

Thanks....Expecting a solid review.

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 I have done B.Tech (Computers) + MBA & having 7 years of experience in consulting, To enhance my skills further & to grab opportunity overseas I have taken  GMAT for persuing Second MBA from abroad & got score 690. My age is 35 at present. Is it advisable career path & does second MBA benefit me at this stage of my life. Seeking serious guidence. 

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Hi, you would have to explain the reason for a second MBA. If it's a logical transition, it's not uncommon for people applying for a second MBA. Let me know if you require a more detailed discussion,

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Hii...I am applying for PGBPL one year program in SOIL, Gurgaon...what are my chances to get entry with below work experience and academics of I perform well in their own test known as STAT. 01. 10th (C.G Board) :- 72% 02. 12th (CBSE) :- 62% 03. Graduation (CG Board) :- 66% 04. MBA (Finance and Marketing) , DAVV Indore :- 65% Work Experience :- 3.8 years in Retail Banking Operations.

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I want to know safe, moderate and ambitious university.

Undergraduation: University of Delhi, Bsc Mathematics(H), 84%

Postgraduation: Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati, Masters of Science Maths and Compution, 2016(6.5)

Internships: Center for Mathematical Modeling


Project: Portfolio Management,Indian Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati.

GRE: 304(V:148, Q:156)

Fellow ship from Indian Academy of Science, 2014

Work Experience: 1.5 years as an analyst in a startup

I want to do MS in FInance or Business Analytics

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@Abhyank.Srinet  ·  30 karma


Hey Tripti,

You have a fair overall profile. 

  • Your undergrad is decent which shows good academic performance and can be used in your application.
  • Make sure to highlight important aspects of your work which showcase your abilities which the schools are looking for. Also do some research on what qualities your target b-schools look for in an applicant.
  • You have good work-ex of 1.5 yrs which will add value to your application however your GRE score is a bit on lower side but is good enough to land you into some of the decent universities. I have put together a list of b-schools for you which you can apply to :

  1. Skema

Average salary: $87,764

  1. Warwick 

Average Salary: 86,200

  1. Stockholm School of Economics 

Average salary: $90,665

    2)   Grenoble 

Average Salary: 80,628

  1. Emlyon Business schools

Average salary: 73,726

You can further check out these pages to get an depth overview of the and

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Need help with my Profile Evaluation Degree: B.E, Civil,Jorhat Engineering College. Grad.-70% 12th - 77% 10th - 75% Work Experience -NIL(Fresher) OBC-NCL Can someone please let me know what are my chances of receiving interview call from IIM ABCLK,FMS,SPJAIN,XLRI

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Need help with my Profile Evaluation.

GMAT - 680 (Q 48, V 36, IR5)

Degree: B.E, Electrical, MIT Manipal (The one in south).

CGPA - 2.5/4

12th - 70%

10th - 80%

Work Experience - 9 Years 5 months (WIPRO + IBM)

Onsite - 0 years

Work Exp Related to: Technical Analyst (WIPRO) Service Delivery, People Management, Customer Management (IBM)

Decent Extracurricular in college and work. 

Can someone please let me know what are my chances of receiving interview call from IIM ABC. I am planning to write GMAT again and go for 750 but with 680 if I do have a chance, I will divert my focus to SOP/Application.

Awaiting some expert advise.


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Hi everyone!

I am from India and I am an MBA aspirant for 2016-17, looking for help in evaluation of my profile. I will be very thankful, if you please assess my profile and give me feedback, whether I should go for the application process for the below mentioned schools and what are my rough chances of getting a call.

GMAT Score: 670 (Q 48, V 34, IR3)

Grad: DGPA -  8.33 / 75.8% (B.Tech, Mechanical from West Bengal University of Technology)

12th: 77.2% (Science) (C.B.S.E)

10th: 82.4% (C.B.S.E)

Work-ex: 5 Years 1 Month in Manufacturing Sector (Steel & Power)

- Project Management and Execution (Industrial Construction)

- Operation monitoring and production analysis of integrated steel plant

**No International Work-ex


- School level achievements in Sports

- Social work at organisation level

Preferred Specialization: Operations Management, Finance, Construction Management, Project Management

Few Questions:

1. What are my chances of getting a call from ISB, IIM A, B, C, L, I, SPJIMR, XLRI

2. Which are some other schools and programs to consider in India through GMAT or otherwise (Example: 2yr MBA of IIM K, IIFT may be)

3. Schools from abroad, which could be considered (Loan capacity: 30 L; Current CTC: 8.2 )

Thanks in advance!

Anyways I am applying in SPJIMR, IIM B, C because its too late (Last date 31st August 2015)

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@ISBeacon  ·  98 karma

IIMA might be very difficult, since they have a higher average work experience; others seem to be worth a shot, thought your relatively lower GMAT score might be an issue.

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With a score of 680 in gmat (Q48 V34 IR6 ) I am trying to understand a few things in order to decide whether I should go ahead with my application process for HEC Paris and ISB Hyderabad or I should take the exam again and try scoring a 700+.

My profile is as under: 

10th: 92.6%

12th: 89.6%

Graduation: 7.78 CGPA

Qualification: B.Tech. , Computer Engg from NIT Jaipur

Work-experience: 3+ years by the time September '16 fall batches start. Worked in tech consulting role with Deloitte and currently in Microsoft with a similar work profile.

GMAT: 680-730

Preferable domain: Marketing (brand management) / Strategy Consulting (IT)

Time is running out, so it would be great if someone can share real experiences that can help me take a decision? Thanks!

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@ThePrincetonReview  ·  598 karma

Hi, yes you should consider a retake if you think you can score 700+. 

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I am an MBA aspirant for R1/R2 2016 and am seeking help in evaluation of my profile. Will be grateful if you could give me a fair assessment of whether I have a shot at some of the preferred programs of my choice. 

My profile summary: 

1) 4+ years in the Analytics arm (Financial Planning & Analysis) of a computing behemoth/fortune top 50 firm (awarded employee of the quarter). Currently managing a team and have served a couple of short stints abroad; 1 yr as sourcing specialist for a mining giant 
2) PGDM and engineering degrees from top 15 institutes of the country (UG CGPA: 8.2/10 - top 15%); PG CGPA not great - just first class 
3) GMAT: 730 (QA: 50; VA:39; IR: 7; AWA: 5.5) 
4) Correspondent/Writer at Asia's largest all sports website (won best article of the year/best humor article of the year awards among 50,000+ international entries) 
5) Co-founded an E-Commerce store (1st lesson in how to do a start-up wrong); Co-founder/Featured columnist at a magazine - focusing on firms, markets & global dynamics 
6) Captain of the corporate cricket team; member of the corporate football team 
7) State merit list in HSC board exams (ranked 5th)
8) Successfully completed a Tata Steel Adventure Foundation's Outbound Leadership Course under Ms. Bachendri Pal

9) Have represented college at multuple national level intercollegiate quiz contests

List of B-schools I am targeting: 
INSEADYaleColumbiaBoothKelloggFuquaTuckCornellDarden. Will I be taken for a madman if I force the words 'Wharton or Stanford' out of my lips? 

Please let me know where do I exactly stand among the competing group. Will be awesome if you can list the colleges where I may be competitive and also those which may be considered as sweet spots. The 1 yr program will be my first preference. I want to transition to a career in management consulting and eventually start an analytics consultancy firm in the field of sports. 

Thanks in advance for your help!

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@MansieDewanConsulting  ·  5,860 karma

Did you confirm this from Tuck and Duke? Write to them. A PGDM is different from an MBA degree. If cost is a major deterring factor influencing your decision, then I'll have you know that plenty of top twenty US b-schools offer hefty scholarships to deserving candidates.

However, if an MS aligns better with your career aspirations, then go for it. This call is yours to make. MS in predictive analytics ( Northwestern ) and the MS offered by MSU are good choices in addition to the schools you've already mentioned.

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@labow  ·  0 karma

Thanks! Will look these up. They have it explicitly mentioned on Fuqua's website that people with MBAs or equivalent degrees aren't welcome 😞 Tuck accepts applications but we need to furnish an additional essay explaining reasons behind a 2nd MBA (or PGDM) 

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Hi All,

Please evaluate my profile.


Education- BTech from WBUT GPA is 7.2 10th -83 12th -79 Expected GMAT- 720. currently getting 730-740 in veritas mocks and similar score in 2nd gmat prep test. Appearing for GMAT on 11th October. Extra Curricular

Avid quizzer, have seen some time on national television,ESPN to be precise for school quiz. Ended up as National runners up. Winner of

National Creativity Olympiad.

State level Basketball player.

Won many basketball and volleyball tournaments for my past and present employers.

Was school and college captain in basketball. Popularized basketball in my college. I was one of the main reasons the college authorities decided to build a new basketball court in school.

Organized and sponsored basketball tournament at state level where army teams and teams from different district eventually participated.

Trained instructor in Acupressure and body work. Presently assist a full time doctor in the evenings in treating patients through alternate therapies.

Have done some tall treks in the Himalayas. Have done some backpacking and travelling in my life

Involved with the volunteering and social service team of my employer.

Very thoroughly read in eastern philosophy and religion.

Work Experience

14 months in an American MNC IT firm as a Program Analyst.

30 months in a top 5 steel manufacturing company as Manager,IT Assisted the Treasury team in building and implementing a Forex exchange system.

Assisted the accounts department in refining bank payment portals and interface.

Currently working on Electronic Bank Reconciliation,Cash Forecasting and other major initiatives of Cash office Short term

Goals- Will like to work for an IT product manufacturing company. I have knowledge of IT as well as a the requirements of IT product manufacturing companies like SAP.

Long Term Goal-

Will like to come back to India and work on improving the quality of life of natives in my state. I have lots of ideas,but discussing them here will be beyond the scope of the post. Heart of hearts ,i want to gain some international exposure,learn some general management skills, become street smart,filling my pockets at the same time so that i can come back in 5-7 years and carry on with my long term plans. Don't know how to connect my long term and short term goals. Any advise on these lines will be highly appreciated.

Targetting top colleges like Wharton and London Business School, although would settle for a top 30-40 range college.

Cannot over emphasize the importance of scholarship. AM i being insanely optimistic? Pls advise.

Thanks in advance,

Rajesh Jha

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@carterjha  ·  0 karma

Hi Aditya: thanks for replying. I am not from Kolkata. Although I will be going there to take my GMAT this weekend. Although I can't meet in person but will like to share thoughts on applications post my GMAT,after which I also plan to streamline my goals

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Hi Rajesh... Your sports and extra curricular activities are super bro. But actually MBA admissions view your talent in Management, decision making tasks, initiative taking attitude ( in your professional career) ,your contributions to your employer, leadership, how you managed the team members and such other activities. They give these things the top priority much more than your extra curricular activities. But you have explained most of your extra curricula's but less of your professional activities. In fact your did not describe your profess. achievements in your Job. You just mentioned where you worked. You need to explain to the schools about ur achievements in your job. Thats what speaks loads about you. So phrase those things neatly and try to explain them in the best possible way to the schools. As far as I know Wharton is a school hat gets some extremely good applicants. You must be able to show your prof. achievements in the best possible way.

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