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Hey, guys hope all of your cat prep is going well. 

Sadly mine isn't going that great and hence why I created this thread. My concepts are still not clear and my AIMCATS score have been quite low. With CAT less than 2 months away, I need to start considering about other options if I fail to get into a top B school this year.

Ideally many the Engineering students would try again next year but my situation is different because I am a BBA student with no work experience. I want to know if taking a gap year just so that I can focus on CAT 15 and nothing else would be a wise decision.

If any of you have been in a similar situation or know someone who has then please share your thoughts. The only concern of mine is that the Admissions people in 2015 may not consider because of it or may choose to overlook me for someone else.

Please let me know. Thanks 

Knowledge is power.
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