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Phd in marketing from iit kgp is good or should wait for IIM?

Sanjay Saw
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 This is not a place for comparison. Go to the faculty profile of both institutes for the area in which you want to do PhD. Compare their research output and the papers published by them. You will get your answer. 

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@saw462 : Adding two cents to @manu3047 : Not all great researchers are good guides and this is true for Indian academics as well as the US/European ones. Secondly, you have to understand that guide selection is a quasi-political process and ideally, a guide should be one who can shield you in the system whilst ensuring the rigor and relevance of your thesis. Having a guide who is well published and a great hand in managing intra-institute administrative/political processes is a great thing to have but we seldom get that combination in academia. Also, publishing in top-tier journal takes time and from a job market perspective, to get that initial break, it helps to have a solid footing in understanding a MBA system as it is. To be an effective teacher, it is essential to understand the curriculum demands from a pedgaogical point of view and the perspective of those pursuing PGP. In this context, IIMs score over IITs.

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