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I got only 71 marks in CAT. Excepting upto 75%le. Is it possible to get a call with good research and academic background with this percentile from any IIM?

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@thephdguy : same reason applies which I have described above. Every institute has its own criteria, with different weight associated with each. Then every institute may have different way to filter the candidates. Hence for any candidate, scores are the only Objective things, everything else is subjective. At least for the score u know that more it , better it is. It just increases ur chances, keeping everything else Constant. But again, scores are not the only thing even if u have obtained good scores

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@thephdguy A piece of cautionary advice : Do not make statements that is not backed by data or can be empirically proven. You've made a sweeping generalisation and please refrain from making even a single statement like this in a PhD interview or even your SOP.

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