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IIM Ranchi (HR) WAT/PI

Venue:- IIM Ranchi

Date:- 20/04/2019 [12:30 slot]

WAT: Should caste based reservations be made for private sector companies? (300 words)

I started with the history of how the caste based system has been in India for hundreds of years and how still today the benefit has not reached the deserved. Then went on to explain how private companies look for profit and how there is a solid relationship with merit and profit. Also the economy progresses as companies do and then explained how protectionism is causing loss today instead of globalization and free markets that made developing countries developed. Lastly made a suggestion that instead of reservations, there should be resources made free to the unfortunate so that they expand their merit and the whole society will benefit from the same.


3 Panelists (Two sirs and one ma’am; they all looked and acted friendly throughout the interview)

S1 and S2 for the sirs and M1 for the ma’am.

S1: So Biswadeep, tell me about yourself

<As I was going to start, sir asked me which stream I graduated in, told him. S1 then moved on to another question and I could not answer this one.>

S1: So 28 months work experience in Tech Mahindra? Why did you leave?

<Now the standard answer for this is what really happened to me. My grandmother had breast cancer when I was in class 12 and my mother looked after her ever since and in the process neglected her health. She then had gangrenous gall bladder which had to be surgically removed. Told I had to leave the second job too due to taking care of my mother and grandmother and have been doing freelancing since then. Every one of the interviews that I have ever been in, the panelist(s) either ask me how my mother is now or moves on to the next question. After hearing my answer all the panelists froze there, I don’t know why>

S2: How is your mother now?

Me: She is fine now sir.

S2: So there is gap of what, 8-9 months?

Me: Yes sir, like that.

<At this point the panelists still had the frozen look on their face and worst of all there was a silence of about 7-10 seconds before the next question. I sat their awkwardly looking at their faces, expecting another question.>

S2: Tell me 2 things good about your company

Me: Since this is relevant to the interview I would like to talk about my project HR. Told them two good things about my HR manager.

1. A significant chunk of our project was going to move to another company due to which teams were going to get dissolved and people would be on bench. HR made sure that every single person got a project at least and got a preferred project at most.

2. Client visit happened two times a year so HR coordinated with us in organizing events and competitions. 

M1: How was the HR Manager’s leadership like?

Me: Told them that the Manager was friendly, approachable, communicated everything and expected the same from us and never made us feel like she was an authority figure.

M1: What is your expectation from the course?

Me: Everything that I have done till now has been based on intuition and passion and told how this HR course will strengthen the foundation and accelerate my career forward.

S2: What is your CAT percentile?

Me: Told. (92.57)

<Done. This was the shortest interview I have been in and was a bit strange. Fingers crossed.>

Waitlist- Convert
Waitlist- Reject
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