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This course is just a money minting venture for xlri. With zero investment they are making huge money. The learning value of this course is close to nil as you will be bulldozed with 21+ subjects in a year. You will have no time to really learn anything, you will end up focussing on how to pass.
Moreover, hughes, the satellite partner has got a pathetic platform. There will be network and transmission issues throughout the program. You will end in missing classes and tests for no fault of yours and then you will have to pay even more money to them. This program is just a money generating outfit. If you are willing to lose your money, and your peace of mind and are ok with getting nothing in return, then go ahead. Oh by the way, xlri advertises so much abt this course but once it begins they say that we are not interested in running such programs !!!
Also industry acceptance of this certificate is practically nil. Coz the learning value is nil. During the program all professors will begin by saying " this is not a full time program, here there are just 10 sessions whereas in a full time there are 30 sessions, so I will just cover the basics" ....some of the professors will just read out the chapter numbers and declare syllabus completed....

In short this course is a scam. Better do the program from IIMs where the focus is on quality and not on quantity..

And speaking of industry acceptance; in the current batch of 180 students not even a single person has got a job on the basis of this certificate. And most of those guys are now cribbing why they joined this pathetic course.

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Could you please mention the center attended? And after all these years has there been any advantage whatsoever?

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