people . . . . how you're clearing po exams ? help me also :(

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I see some ppl are discussing aboutinterviews and am ashamed that I am not even clearing my written exams, pls help me out' about time strategy and apti how much to attend aptitude to be assured to clear my sectional cutoff and what I must study and give importance in apti section, I want guidance for SBI as so po. . . do find some time to help. . .

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Time Strategy will depend on your strength and weakness. it will hinge upon your maths ability.

Sectional Cutoff is very difficult to predict than overall. I Think the cutoff depends the students and paper level  marks scored. Anyway this can be generalised to be around 20 -30% of the total marks. for 50 it will 10 -15 But 20 Correct answers is considered the safest in Apti.

Now I have given SBI PO and DI was toughest. I dont know the structure of apti for SO PO if its only DI Based and no Numerical ability then you need to be careful. Reply back with any query i will try to answer

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