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A. A healthy argument can help to clear the air and clarify different points of view. B. Even in the strongest relationships, it isn't usually possible or healthy to try to avoid all disagreements. C. Since it's impossible to av...
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a) By 1754, France still had a strong relationship with a number of Native American tribes in Canada and along the Great Lakes.  

(b) Thus the French threatened not only the British Empire but also the American colonists themselves, for in holding the Mississippi Valley, France could limit their westward expansion. 

(c) The British remained confined to the narrow belt east of the Appalachian Mountains. 

(d) France and Britain engaged in a succession of wars in Europe and the Caribbean throughout the 18th century. 

(e) It controlled the Mississippi River and, by establishing a line of forts and trading posts, had marked out a great crescent-shaped empire stretching from Quebec to New Orleans.  

(f) Though Britain secured certain advantages – primarily in the sugar-rich islands of the Caribbean – the struggles were generally indecisive, and France remained in a powerful position in North America.

a)abdefc b)dcaefb c)cdfeab d)dfaecb

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Attended the TIME SPEED DISTANCE online workshop on The Ranchi CAT Forum last Thursday! This week it is on PARA JUMBLES/PARA COMPLETION. I suggest everyone to attend it. Very useful and very nice bag of questions by the trainers. Lots of tips, shortcuts and tricks shared to solve every question!

Link to the workshop:

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A.In 1999, Wipro had a net profit of Rs 176 crore, Infosys Rs 144 crore.

B.Astonishingly, Wipro and Infosys are not big companies by conventional Indian standards, let alone international ones.

C.But the fixed assets of Wipro are just Rs 450 crore, and of Infosys only Rs 169 crore.

D.In Rajiv Gandhi's time, a larger industrial house was defined as one having fixed assets of Rs 500 crore, which at today's prices would be around Rs 2,000 crore.

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A. He was always draped in a modest but decent suit.

B.Lean and Intense,Menon was endowed with a remarkable presence.

C. His eyes piercing and his forehead broad,merging into the disheveled,silvery lock of hair.

D. His hawked nose,sensuous lips,heavy voice,tapering fingers,always busy explaining ideas, and moods supplemented his extraordinary words.

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A) Observers trying to decide what a man is like look closely at his actions.

B) His behaviour tells him about himself; it is a primary source of information about his beliefs and values and attitudes.

C) What the Chinese have discovered is that the man himself uses this same evidence to decide what he is like.

D) Our best evidence of what people truly feel and believe comes less from their words than from their deeds.}

E) Understanding fully this important principle of self-perception, the Chinese set about arranging the prison-camp experience so that their captives would consistently act in desired ways.

When going gets tough , tough gets going .
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1. Until the MBA arrived on the scene the IIT graduate was king.
  A. A degree from one of the five IITs was a passport to a well-paying job, great prospects abroad and, for some, a decent dowry to boot.
  B. From the day he or she cracked the Joint Entrance Examination, the IIT student commanded the awe of neighbours and close relatives.
  C. IIT students had, meanwhile, also developed their own special culture, complete with lingo and attitude, which they passed down.
  D. True, the success stories of IIT graduates are legion and they now constitute the cream of the Indian diaspora.
6. But not many alumni would agree that the IIT undergraduate mindset merits a serious psychological study, let alone an interactive one.

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A. But on the other hand, the government has cracked down swiftly on lawyers and opposition activists intent on taking out a ‘long march’ to Islamabad.
B. Islamabad also responded to a compelling body of evidence linking 26/11 to terrorists on Pakistani soil with a mix of legalese and dilatoriness
C. On the one hand, the Pakistani government readily acceded to a truce with the Taliban in Swat, allowing the state’s authority to wither in the face of organised banditry from the Taliban.
D. It has placed hundreds of them under arrest and banned any gathering of more than four people in Punjab and Sind.

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Q. 1.  Directions: In each question, there are five sentences. The sentence labelled A is in its correct place. The four that follow are labelled B, C, D and E, and need to be arranged in the logical order to form a coherent paragraph. From the given options, choose the most appropriate option. 

  A. According to materialists, the universe was eternal, and therefore, there was no purpose or special creation in it. 
B. Claiming that everything came into being as the result of unconscious atoms assembling at random, they believed that no matter how much complexity, balance and magnificent regularity was exhibited by the external world, these were still the result of purposeless coincidences. 
C. Materialists imagined that all the balances, equilibrium, harmony and order in the universe were solely the results of chance. 
D. Since materialism rejected the concepts of purpose and creation to the universe, it also denied the existence of a Creator. 
E. Materialist minds had held such preconceptions ever since the days of Ancient Greece.        

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1). Nonetheless, Tocqueville was only one of the first of a long line of thinkers to worry whether such rough equality could survive in the face of a growing factory system that threatened to create divisions between industrial workers and a new business elite.

2)."The government of democracy brings the nation of political rights to the level of the humblest citizens. He wrote ," Just as the dissemination of wealth brings the notion of property within the reach of all the members of the community".

3). Tocqueville was far too shrewd an observer to be uncritical about the US, but his verdict was fundamentally positive.

4). No visitor to the US left a more enduring record of his travels and observations than the French writer and political theorist Alexis de Tocqueville, whose ‘Democracy in America’, first published in 1835, remains one of the most trenchant and insightful analyses of American social and political practises.

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the only thing standing between our dreams & us are the fucking lame stupid bullshit excuses we keep telling ourselves
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