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Greetings from the Department of Management Studies, IIT Delhi.

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I have my IIT Delhi and IIFT Delhi interview on the same date 21st Feb at the same time i.e. 8am in the morning. Can i get my IIT Delhi interview rescheduled to the second half on the same day ??

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Has anyone who has not joined DMS received the 25000 submitted via DD?

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i was present in one day counselling yesterday at iit delhi.

according to me about 22-23 seats are unfilled. also all the candidates who were present got admission thus the entire waiting lists got exhausted leaving behind vacant seats. any reason for people not taking management programme at IIT delhi? is it that IIM'S particularly new ones have gone ahead of iit delhi? one needs to ponder over.

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The new iims give atleast 1000+ buffer calls whereas dms gives none. Also the total candidates offered admission/waitlisted across all categories at dms is less than even iim abc's strength. This makes many common people in dms's list and other old iims. This is why the waiting list for obc exhausted since it only had a total of 150 odd candidates-all of whom would have taken admissions in old iims majorly. It seems that iit delhi is more concerned about quality of students than just filling the seats, and this makes it a better college than the ones doing the latter. Also, the counselling happened late so people would have joined other colleges. I would suggest you to do a bit more analysis before forming opinions.

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thanks for enlightment!

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How is general managemet role offers iit delhi? Is it better than mdi?

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For DLM who all will be attending open counselling for SC category?

WL 58- WL 65
WL 65- WL 69
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For DLM who all will be attending open counseling?

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Does anyone know how many seats are vacant in dms mba dlt as of now?

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wl 146 general in dlt.....any chances in oc?pls give honest answers

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Post for future aspirants Waitlist movement in dlm general Waitlist 1-till 38 Waitlist 2-till 71 Waitlist 3-till 96 Waitlist 4-till 119 waitlist –till 137 For dlt Waitlist 1-till 11 Waitist 2-till 20 Waitlist 3-till 30 Waitlist 4-till 40 Waitlist 5-till 47 Open counselling is left will post waiting list clear number for that too

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@him51093rocks  ·  142 karma

It varies as there is weightage of profile as well

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@gmahi07  ·  7 karma

Gen 96+ this year with good profile

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How Many SCs are withdrawing ?please let me know. WL at 2 currently.

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