We have been asked to pay the 1st instalment by 5th May. According to the refund policy, if there seats are not filled they do not refund. I am still waiting  for other colleges to declare their result. If I do pay the fees for the DCP programme, what are the chances that I will get the refund? 

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I called the Admission Office. They told what happened last year (not necessarily every year, please mind that) :

After the student registration (probably on June 15 or something), the Admissions committee held a meeting. All students who chose for refund before the registration /cut off date were given full refund (ie, 6 lakhs + 50,K) and for students who asked for refund after that day, an amount was deducted from their money (dunno how much it is, my assumption is at the max less than a lakh).

So, this year also, what I feel is, the admission committee is gonna decide the same way. So the moment you convert, apply for the refund. Make a wise decision. ATB !

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