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 A basic delusion in the arguments presented by climate change deniers is that “Nature will take care of itself”. They contend that if humanity has survived for millions of years, it will somehow find a way to survive this so called climate change hoax. However, a large number of corporations are reaching out to the common people across the globe in order to make them aware of the catastrophic consequences of global warming. Sense seems to be entering the minds of the majority of the people in the world. So, the future of our earth, as far as global warming is concerned, seems to be safe now.

Which of the following is an assumption central to the validity of the given argument?

1. Survival of the fittest and the cognizant is the rule of Nature.
2. The corporations are not driven by any monetary incentive and their endeavour is strictly humanitarian in nature.
3. In the human society, being conscious of a phenomenon is akin to fighting its ill-effects.
4. In this world, sense is equivalent to consciousness and knowledge of any phenomenon. 

The answer is 3 but no where in the passage it's mentioned it's fighting for it.

I think it should be 4.

Please help.

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Answer will be 3 as it is an assumption which results in conclusion of last sentence of article.

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