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Throughout human history the leading causes of death have been infection and trauma. Modern medicine has scored significant victories against both, and the major causes of ill health and death are now the chronic degenerative diseases, such as coronary artery disease, arthritis, osteoporosis, Alzheimer's, macular degeneration, cataract and cancer. These have a long latency period before symptoms appear and a diagnosis is made. It follows that the majority of apparently healthy people are pre-ill.

But are these conditions inevitably degenerative? A truly preventive medicine that focused on the pre-ill, analysing the metabolic errors which lead to clinical illness, might be able to correct them before the first symptom. Genetic risk factors are known for all the chronic degenerative diseases, and are important to the individuals who possess them. At the population level, however, migration studies confirm that these illnesses are linked for the most part to lifestyle factors-exercise, smoking and nutrition. Nutrition is the easiest of these to change, and the most versatile tool for affecting the metabolic changes needed to tilt the balance away from disease.

Many national surveys reveal that malnutrition is common in developed countries. This is not the calorie and/or micronutrient deficiency associated with developing nations (Type A malnutrition); but multiple micronutrient depletion, usually combined with calorific balance or excess (Type B malnutrition). The incidence and severity of Type B malnutrition will be shown to be worse if newer micronutrient groups such as the essential fatty acids, xanthophylls and flavonoids are included in the surveys. Commonly ingested levels of these micronutrients seem to be far too low in many developed countries.

There is now considerable evidence that Type B malnutrition is a major cause of chronic degenerative diseases. If this is the case, then it is logical to treat such diseases not with drugs but with multiple micronutrient repletion, or "pharmaco-nutrition'. This can take the form of pills and capsules-'nutraceuticals', or food formats known as 'functional foods'. This approach has been neglected hitherto because it is relatively unprofitable for drug companies-the products are hard to patent-and it is a strategy which does not sit easily with modern medical interventionism. Over the last 100 years, the drug industry has invested huge sums in developing a range of subtle and powerful drugs to treat the many diseases we are subject to. Medical training is couched in pharmaceutical terms and this approach has provided us with an exceptional range of therapeutic tools in the treatment of disease and in acute medical emergencies. However, the pharmaceutical model has also created an unhealthy dependency culture, in which relatively few of us accept responsibility for maintaining our own health. Instead, we have handed over this responsibility to health professionals who know very little about health maintenance, or disease prevention.

One problem for supporters of this argument is lack of the right kind of hard evidence. We have a wealth of epidemiological data linking dietary factors to health profiles / disease risks, and a great deal of information on mechanism: how food factors interact with our biochemistry. But almost all intervention studies with micronutrients, with the notable exception of the omega 3 fatty acids, have so far produced conflicting or negative results. In other words, our science appears to have no predictive value. Does this invalidate the science? Or are we simply asking the wrong questions?

Based on pharmaceutical thinking, most intervention studies have attempted to measure the impact of a single micronutrient on the incidence of disease. The classical approach says that if you give a compound formula to test subjects and obtain positive results, you cannot know which ingredient is exerting the benefit, so you must test each ingredient individually. But in the field of nutrition, this does not work. Each intervention on its own will hardly make enough difference to be measured. The best therapeutic response must therefore combine micronutrients to normalise our internal physiology. So do we need to analyse each individual's nutritional status and then tailor a formula specifically for him or her? While we do not have the resources to analyse millions of individual cases, there is no need to do so. The vast majority of people are consuming suboptimal amounts of most micronutrients, and most of the micronutrients concerned are very safe. Accordingly, a comprehensive and universal program of micronutrient support is probably the most cost-effective and safest way of improving the general health of the nation.

Why are a large number of apparently healthy people deemed pre-ill?
(1) They may have chronic degenerative diseases.

(2) There is a lengthy latency period associated with chronically degenerative diseases

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Does anyone has PDFs of verbal ability by Sumit Kumar..please share. It will be of great help

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source -

1) Ghastly:
Shockingly repellent, Gruesome

2) Incursion: Penetration

3) Coping:
Deal with reasonably well despite being difficulty.

4) Proxies:
A person authorized to act for another.

5) Confrontation:
Discord resulting from a clash of ideas or opinions.
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Read each sentences to find out whether there is any grammatical or idiomatic error in it. The error, if any will be is one of the sentence. The number of that part is the answer. If there is no error, the answer is (5). (Ignore error of punctuation, if any).

6. The main advantages, India has (1)/ over other countries (2)/ its large human capital which (3)/ make it our ideal out sourcing base (4)/ no error (5)

7. The judge has directed to (1)/ the accused and the complaining (2)/ not to interfere with (3)/ the witness in any manner (4)/ no error (5)

8. Today most employees complain (1)/ of suffering for the stress (2)/ of attending to (3)/ rude customer all day (4)/ no error (5)

9. Since the tenant failed (1)/ to pay his rent on time (2)/ the land lord denied him (3)/ access to the premise (4)/ no error (5)

10. His industrious nature (1)/ and calm temperament (2)/ have endeared him (3)/ to his collegeous and one's superiors (4)/ no error (5)

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1)4)Makes it our ideal out sourcing base

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7)no error

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How to prepare for Sentence correction portion?

Tell me please good book of grammar except Wren and Martin

Please help..


anyone plz suggest  good books and websites to score better in verbal

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@vasundhra.delhi : Hi Vasundhra ! For preparation, you can join CL CP Centre. I have always heard good reviews about its faculty and classes from my CAT high scorer is Delhi's main centre of CL. So, u wll hav a good exposure to competition. I have joined the same centre for CAT 2015 and so far it has proved rly gud. 😃 Rest all depends upon our own efforts which we put in fr d exm .. All d best !

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a lot can be done by junking DT/ BT for the main paper! 😃

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Guys Please help me

How to prepare for sentence correction section

can someone tell me good books and online free vdeo tutorials??

Thanks in advance

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@surinder mahna aka Englishgrammar sir's lessons are quite helpful. Pick some good grammar book and solve.

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@ankitakhurana14 BUt it is only for RC section and Vocab im asking about Sentence correction..

Thanks for your reply

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Some people who are not good at painting are not able to improve their hand at it in spite of receiving guidance. However most of them under guidance are at least able to rise up to a standard where they can no longer be called bad at painting. At the same time, it is to be noted that no one can become a great painter just by being told what has to be done. This is because great painters have skill as well as a natural talent. 

All the people who are not good at painting can become great at it.
All great painters could achieve high standards only after being guided in the art.
Some people who are not good at painting can never become great painters.
Some great painters can be guided in a manner that they surpass themselves
None of the above.
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DIRECTIONS for question  The question consists of different statements  one of which does not fit into the paragraph. Identify that sentence which is a misfit and choose that option as your answer.


The first method to attack the issue is to crunch numbers, and reduce the statistics of hungry people


While hasty techno-fixes to deal with the crisis in the farming community are afoot, malnutrition and genuine problems in the agricultural sector in the country fail to be seriously addressed


Increasing production is not the only solution to hunger in an unequal society


Farmers committing suicide are linked to the commercial pressures of tech dependent agriculture, along with the controls of companies, the MARKET, and credit agencies

UDTCaptain'14 CAT14:99.51/XAT:96.xx/CMAT: 99.78/CET:99.883.Calls:C,K,FMS,MDI,XL(HR),JB,S
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