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Hi Puys! I'm sure you would have had many discussions regarding IIM K vs SPJIMR (Finance), apart from the following points. 1. Location - Definitely goes to SP, but given the COVID situation. I believe it's better to be in K since the classes might start offline earlier compared to Mumbai. 2. Placements - Overall K is better when it comes to Fin profiles. 3. Batch Size - SP > K hands down, given IIM K has introduced 2 more courses it will lead to increased batch size. But I'm not sure if this should impact the flagship course much. Let me know incase I'm missing out on something important. I'm still more inclined towards K. Would surely welcome more opinion.

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Got it! That's well explained, but given the current situation where you can't really any scope of GFT, autumn/summer internships wouldn't matter too given the state of the economy might not drastically change in the next 6-9 months. Don't you think it makes more sense to still be a part of an institution which is more or less comparable and can provide offline classes much sooner!

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Firstly.. GFT is likely to happen next year cuz universities anywhere on earth are not gonna be online till next year... cuz if it happens.. anyway everybody's screwed.

In fact for example.. i know for a fact that ESSEC is starting offline sessions from Aug.. where students from all over world will arrive. I mean international travel & interaction is unlikely to be barred for SO LONG.. especially for education which is always one of the first in the priority list for approval.

April'21 has a LOT  of time till when the situation is likely to improve on this perspective. Even if it doesnt happen.. it cuts down the core cost of your MBA by 3-3.5 lakhs and brings it down to ~16 vs ~20.

Secondly.. yes..recruitment now vs 9 months later matters ALOT .. the state of economy is gonna change drastically in 9 months.. although not the full potential obviously. What i mean is that the UNCERTAINTY is ALOT more NOW (when the recruiters have decided how much thery gonna hire and hence gonna be conservative cuz no one wants to later back out of offers given) than it will be 12 months from now in July'20. By your reasoning.. there wont be much difference even in the finals of Batch'21 vs Batch'22 - not digestable. And like i said earlier in that post.. It's recruitment o hiring of 200 finance students NOW vs 60 nine months later. And i strongly believe that this year even the autums of the 2nd yr students in SP will be better than the summers of 1st year in K even though the the former will happen earlier & will be 1st ever recruitment drive to bear the brunt of recession.. Just because of the ultralight batch size.

Third.. No doubt.. the offline thing is definitely one of the important factors. However i dont think there can be any campus which can allow it "much" sooner.. barring a difference of 30-40 days may be. However you'll need to wait for official communication from colleges to factor in that.

After all that you need to weigh all the factors of pros/cons you know and trade off accordingly with the overall risk & return (including EVERYTHING).

Damn..  kaafi type kar liya :P

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