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 About the Workshop

“When differences among people cause feelings to run high, managers need to understand the nature of these differences in order to deal with them systematically and in such a way that both corporate harmony and individual initiative are preserved.”

Warren H. Schmidt
Robert Tannenbaum

Negotiations are a part of professional life, whether it is renting office space or purchasing a scarce component from another division, building support for a new marketing plan, or working out next year's budget. In these situations and thousands like them, there are bound to be conflict of interests --- people disagree. Managers negotiate with those whom they cannot command, but whose cooperation is vital, including peers and others outside organizations. Managers also negotiate with subordinates who have their own interests, understandings, sources of support, and areas of discretion.

As the world is dynamic, the organizations ought to adapt to emerging changes for new arrangements to be negotiated and renegotiated. Negotiating is a necessary skill and it is the core of the manager's job profile. People in the organization negotiate not only to win contracts or meet sales targets, but also to guide the organization in the face of change.

As the business environment is increasingly becoming competitive and situations complex, it is critical for managers to equip themselves with negotiating skills. For a manager to be successful, it is important to develop strong negotiation skills. 

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Faculty member(s) offering the MDP
Dr. Mousumi Sengupta & Dr. Nilanjan Sengupta

Area: HR and general management

Objectives of the MDP

The basic objective of the workshop is to address People Management issues, faced by professionals engaged in any administrative roles, academicians, academic administrators, non-HR professionals and any other managers at all levels, in day-to-day work life situations. While at work, we involve in interactions with people, across all levels, irrespective of the nature of our work. It involves functions, ranging from leading and motivating staff to appraising their performance.  Hence, it is imperative for all the professionals to learn the people management skills and techniques. In order to do so, we need to appreciate the behavioural issues, arising on a day-to-day basis, for which we need to manage ourselves and others, effectively.

Topic Coverage / Outline

· Introduction to Financial Reporting and Analysis.

· Fundamentals of Corporate Finance

· Cost Management for Decision Making

· Managing self at workplace

· Managing interpersonal relationships at work

· Team building & Leadership skills

· Coaching, counselling and mentoring

· Conflict handling and negotiation tactics

· Performance appraisal and providing feedback


The programme includes a mixture of lectures, practical demonstrations using MS-Excel and HBR (Harvard Business Review) case studies.

Participants Expected Profile:

Entry level and middle and senior level executives in commercial organizations, corporates, various line managers in manufacturing and service- oriented firms, NGOs and educational administrators, hospital administrators and nursing professionals.

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Is there any ........ group for the converts ??

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@Sainath9SDMIMD Mysore  ·  24 karma

@Kaushal31 i will message you link

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@Sainath9SDMIMD Mysore  ·  24 karma

@Kaushal31 check message

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What is the age and type of students joining sdmimd for 2019-21?

Freshers (21 to 22)
0-2 years work experience (23 to 24)
2-3 years work experience (more than 24?
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can we apply for pgdm course ?? Is it still open ??

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@Sainath9SDMIMD Mysore  ·  24 karma

Applications are closed

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 On 31st March 2018, SDMIMD celebrated its 24th Annual Convocation with Mr. Kamal Bali, President and Managing Director at Volvo Group, India, as the distinguished Chief Guest. The glorious event began under the Chairmanship of Dr. D. Veerendra Heggade, Dharmadhikari of Shri Kshethra Dharmasthala, and Chairman, SDMIMD.  He conferred the Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) degree to students from the batch of 2017-19. Six students from the batch were honoured with gold medals for their academic excellence and overall performances. The distinguished Chief Guest, Mr. Kamal Bali addressed the gathering on the special occasion. He emphasised the significant role of women in the industry and the need for empowering them; the importance of corporate social responsibility and soaring production efficiency efforts of Indian industries. Earlier, DR. N R Parasuraman, Director of the Institute, presented the annual report for 2018-19. 

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Which one is better ibs Hyderabad or sdmimd?

@Sainath9SDMIMD Mysore  ·  24 karma

SDMIMD PGDM course is compiled from current industry practices and probing business case studies. The faculty has a wide knowledge base and rich teaching experience and this matched with Institute facilities of international standards, constitute the cutting edge advantage. The overall objective is to have high degree of academic rigour that is practiced to ensure that each student is driven from within to think and behave as a leader

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@Sm601863  ·  1 karma

IBS Hyderabad

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What is the last date to apply?

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@UjjwalRaina  ·  6 karma

Are you asking about fee?

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Hello Guys, which is the best option among the following tier 3 colleges? Open to new suggestions and looking for institutes preference in decreasing order.

christ core main campus
we school mumbai core
we school bangalore core
sies mumbai
ibs hyderabad
bimm pune
imt agpur
imt hyderabad
imi kolkata
symboisis bangalore
nmims bangalore
jain bangalore
ifmr chennai
isbm pune
chetna mumbai
indira pune
mdi murshidabad
great lakes gurgaon
jaipuria lucknow
jims rohini delhi
mat kar mba in sab se
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Which one is better?

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