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Join the discussion on RaiseToPi – India’s Best Skill Development Platform designed for students in Grade 12 to Grade 18, providing them with recognition and endorsements from mentors of Fortune 500 Companies, to enhance their educational and professional advancement. Go over our RaiseToPi Internship Program details, enrollment process, delivery channels, and more.

About Our  RaiseToPi Ownternship Program:

OWNTERNSHIPS – is the flagship program of the Company; which gives the Students the right platform to collaborate and create real-world products and solutions for a real-world target audience; thereby providing enriching experiential learning that builds a strong profile for furthering their educational and professional advancement – Please find the Poster attached providing you with the details of  OWNTERNSHIPS.

 OWNERSHIPS; basically addresses the three fundamental requirements; viz.,

Challenges: Provide a platform for Students; to gain the required skill sets through self-learning; to help them to resolve the challenges by having a creative response in a real-life situational learning environment; to create the mental models that steer and shape their perception and action.

Potential Enhancements: To develop and build socio-emotional skills in students which will help build academic tenacity and long term learning; to pursue bright spots; by discovering their potential/skill/purpose; a new way of learning which helps create novelty out of the status quo.

Business Value Outcome: The students will get recognition and endorsements from mentors of Fortune 500 Companies and Global MNC – which will build self-confidence, self-belief and self-esteem and definitely add value to all their future endeavors.

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