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5 distinct balls and 3 distinct boxes are given.  Find the no. of ways such that no box contain more than 1 ball

Ans is 0

my doubt , why can't we select 3 distinct balls and then arrange them in 3! ways?? @TanujA3 @khan.moin00103 @tenfeettall

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005,014,023,113,122. There is no case jisme koi box aisa na ho jisme 1 or less balls hain.

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We can just think of it this way. No box can have more than 1 ball. So maximum balls that we can arrange are 3. We have 5. So 0 ways. I think the purpose of the question was just to confuse the test taker as you would usually expect the number of balls to be less than number of boxes in such a question

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