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As the exam is approaching, my anxiety is increasing. I am constantly thinking about the paper, I don't know if it is happening with anyone else, please don't tell me to meditate, also, don't tell me to not study, give me a realistic reason as to why I should not think of it as a big deal, using this platform so that I can get genuine help with this

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@suchi1996 Sorry but I do have to tell you to meditate. Trust me, I have been in a much worse condition for a different exam. And meditation got me out of it. Even if you think it's of no use, its just 10 minutes a day. So no harm in trying, is there?


Try it out.

I used to take a lot of stress. And now I don't. Sometimes I get stressed about why I don't have any stress for the exam lol. This can only come from a mindset change. Stress comes when you dwell on your negative thoughts. So shutting the negative thoughts the moment they arise is key. Meditation helps you with exactly that.

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Best thing I learnt in headspace is the fact Anxiety is inevitable. No human is void of anxiety. If he is, then he is abnormal. So you have to accept the fact that anxiety is normal. Winners take anxiety to their advantage. Just build the negative anxiety into positive anxiety. +1 for Meditation

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