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A watch dealer produces 1500 watches, the production cost per watch being Rs.150. He also incurs  an additional expenditure of Rs.30000 which is independent of the number of watches produced. He sella all the watches such that for a certain number of them, he makes a gain of 20% and for the rest he incurs a loss of 20%. If he makes an overall gain of 4/3% in the whole transcation, then how many watches did he incur loss?

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@vishiac bro cant we solve this question in the form of equation .....Production cost=1500*150=Rs.225000+30000==255000 now 4/3% gain in whole transaction means 255000*3/400=Rs.3400 SP=Rs.255000+3400=Rs.258400 now using equation 1500-x*180+x*120=258400 but no getting answer plz help

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@vishal99999 A very long process... The mistake is that you are considering cp as 150 where as it is170... So your eqn has to be (1500-x)*204+x*136=258400

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