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hello guys.

i am planning for CAT'17. 

But i have a simple query, with alomst 10 months to CAT shoud i look for a job now or jst start preparing for the exam?

What jobs sould one look  in order to manage both i.e sudies and job.?

I have done B.Tech.

Honest suggestions and valuable inputs are welcome.

Thanks in advance.

No battle was won without a plan;no battle was won according to the plan.
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@deepakverma1394  ·  48 karma

Go for a job first, preferably 5 days working. Devote weekends to MBA prep. 

Work ex is very valuable.

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@shashank82  ·  19 karma

but what if we are not getting  the job should we apply for some short term courses  which may be beneficial ?

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