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Hey Guys! I am 31 yrs old and have work experience of over 5 years (3 years in FMCG sales and 2.5 years in Telecom Sales). It’s a front line job and I am not interested in a sales job anymore and want to change my career path and join either operations, supply chain or marketing. Now for that matter I must have a management diploma or a degree, so my question is if I aim CAT 2018 and opt 1 year diploma in management from Greatlakes, Will it help me shaping my career in a better way? Pls share your views and suggestions.

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Bro this is an old thread. You can post your query here for a better chance of a response.

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@ankush.jagga You have 5 yrs of sales experience, can't you jump to marketing? Don't marketing companies prefer pre sales experience for marketing profile?

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