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Hi AO,

some genuine doubts regarding the IM course.

1) Can we expect some changes to the course structure, as other colleges have also modified their arrangements, considering how unique the situation we are in. 

2) College is starting late by 45 days, how will MDI finish 21 subjects till Dec, that too in online mode. Wouldn't it hamper the learning to a great extent? Is it a possibility that IM students have to go to Europe without ever setting foot in MDI ?  Is MDI considering to push forward the dates of going to Europe ?

3) When can the students get the final course timeline/structure ?

4) If the students are not able to go to Europe, how will things pan out? Online classes ? Will the IM students be provided SIP assisstance in that case ?

Since it involves a huge investment, and has uncertainities looming all over it, it will be helpful to get more clarity on these issues. 

Others, please feel free to add any such apprehension or doubt in the comments section.

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@pranav08 @harshitsharma1

I can understand your concerns, but every year the process followed is the same, even last year the academic calendar was given to us on the day of registration, and the only information we have so far is that of the classes being online. The entire course curriculum can be found here https://mdi.ac.in/MDI%20Gurgaon%20Information%20Brochure%202020.pdf

Having said that, I will convey your concerns to the admin and get back to you if I get some concrete info about the same :)

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