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Guys I have a genuine doubt. People prefer IIM A B C L K l, FMS, IIFT D, XLRI over MDI. Now considering all of these colleges have 50% seats available for general. So there are approximately 800 people who will get seats in the above mentioned clgs. Now, since MDI doesn't have reservation, some of these 800 must have converted MDI as well. Let's say 500 have. So they will leave MDI for the aforementioned colleges. MDI has 360 seats in total. Last year pgpm waitlist moved till 60. Matlab, hr(60)+Im(60)+60..i.e only 180 people left their MDI seats? Out of possible 500, only 180 left? That really doesn't fit. Is it possible that MDI gives buffer calls?

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Kamal nath chaurman *

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@akc1995 I know what happened to IMT, and even I believe MDI is better than most but was just trying to answer @Shitty08_ query

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