Digital Marketing Has Changed The Way Companies Market their products. Companies are leveraging the benefits of Digital Marketing to increase their market share.

But digital marketing is accompanied by various challenges as well.

The following article by our esteemed faculty will discuss more about the challenges faced in digital marketing.

Challenges in Digital Marketing

Dr. Vandana Ahuja, Faculty, Marketing, Jaypee Business School

The proliferation of the internet into every home and it's humongous presence in the lives of the youngsters today, has opened up myriad opportunities for Digital Marketing. The cost effectiveness of this form of Marketing, coupled with it's widespread reach, with a significant consumer population spending a sizeable amount of time online, is making it a popular choice for organisations.

However, Digital Marketing is facing several challenges. Companies are experimenting with the virtual world and do not have a clear understanding of how the power of the online medium can be harnessed to derive maximum benefit. Companies and marketing professionals do not know how Social Media and E-Marketing can favour their brands and make consumers buy them. Without knowing how Online Marketing affects the various dimensions of the consumer decision making process, organisations and individuals run the risk of aiming their directed efforts at the wrong targets, wasting time and money on ineffective activities, and generally failing to harness the potential of the online world.

It is important for the Marketing Professionals to have an understanding of-

-The reasons why a consumer ventured online -Types of Online Consumer Behavior -Methods for segmentation or classification of Online consumers into groups

-Metrics for E-Marketing and Social Media -Methods to monitor and amplify marketing messages in the online world

-Need to coordinate data, tools, technology and talent across multiple functions.

A fast emerging field, Digital Marketing requires well directed training to make an individual or organisation unleash it's complete potential. The knowledge of Marketing in today's era is clearly incomplete without an understanding of the digital world.

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