Can someone help me with the ranking of few New IIMs (Raipur/Ranchi/Trichy/Udaipur) with respect to NMIMS

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@Arijit9999  ·  80 karma

All of them come under same bracket. Even in the Bschool Rankings of 20-30. But, IIM tag is not something to be triffled with. So, imo Ranchi/Trichy >Udaipur > NMIMS > Raipur. NMIMS is definitely best among these if you're in the top 200-250 ppl, after that, it will start to nosedive.

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@Souvik099  ·  105 karma

NMIMS primarily has 2 problems - massive batch size and a mammoth cost. If you can make do with both of these then by all means, join NMIMS. It'll give you great opportunities, provided you're in the top 200 of the batch. However, if you're not okay with the said constraints then my suggestion would be to prefer Ranchi and Trichy over and above NMIMS. Udaipur is debatable and don't wanna delve into it. The rest are definitely not as good as NMIMS. P.S: I didn't join NMIMS because I didn't find it financially prudent and neither was I okay with studying in a batch of 600 people. 

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