Hello Guys! I survived the IIM Kozhikode PGDM program 2015-17. And trust me guys, this caste thing is deep rooted everywhere. We are aware of manual scavenging very well. However, there is an upgrading form of manual scavenging that exist in all fields including IIMs. For instance, you will be given lot of projects which will have to be submitted as a part of team. In a team, one guy with a 80 percentile will be given work of changing fonts and creating designs and the 96 percentile guy will naturally dominate. There is clear difference which needs to filled for the SC ST guy. The IIM curriculum is designed to take care of the general guy needs however, no special care or extra effort will be put for the SCST guy. They are taken just to fill the lower side of the bell curve. Someone has to get a C. So, i felt a need of platform to connect the juniors and seniors in all domains only for SCSTs and hence developed it. Please be a part of it and get help from various buddies in it [which we'll get soon]. People with fake SC ST certificate, please ignore this [and shame on you]. The app link is : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.solutions.pytorq.scavengingapp

A Proud Aborigine of India. Jai Bhim!
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No one knows each other's percentile and project roles are totally dependent upon individuals, not their castes.

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The change begins from you. after so much education also, if you are clinging to the casteism, then you are not in the wagonwheel of development. Rise above it.

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