[Official] IIM Kozhikode PI/Essay/Resume Shortlist Discussion 2020-22

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Female NC OBC engineer 10th 99% 12th 95.25% Grad 84.8% CAT 79.5%ile No work ex IIM K Interview was good

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NC-OBC male 

Cate Scaled score: 87.95 (97.49 percentile )

PI :  good (almost answered all )

No resume points

What are my chances ?

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When will the results be out?

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CAT Scaled Score: 98.75 (98.8%ile) General Category

+4 For NIRF College under 30

Transcript for the Interview,

Initially stuttered by saying Good Evening then realised that I should wish Good Morning, then they also wished Good Morning.

Q Introduce yourself

A Answered

Q What have you done since your graduation?

A Sir, I have been doing various initiatives & have been writing Blogs for the mentoring programme. Apart from that I had been preparing for the Bank PO exam & have been giving CAT (This is my 3rd attempt).

Q Since you did Economics why not MA in Economics?

A Sir, I am doing MA in Economics from IGNOU.

Q Ok, so why aren't you doing it from a better University than IGNOU? Plus, have you been at these Interviews before

A Sir, I didn't secure admission at institutes like DSE, etc. Plus, I was at the IIM K interview last year, however, I couldn't convert.

Q Why have your Acads dropped in the 6th Sem of UG?

A Sir, their were subjects I was slightly uncomfortable with like the Finance related subjects

Q We have Finance Subjects over here, would you be able to adjust?

A Yes Sir, I have learnt from my mistakes & will be able to adjust to the Finance related Subjects.

Q What is the Phillips Curve?

A Answered

Q Please elaborate further?

A Drew a Diagram

Q As in (gave a case based Q)

A Answered

Q What is the Lorenz Curve?

A Wasn't sure, asked to take a guess & realised the guess was incorrect after the Interview.

Q Who won the Nobel Prize for Economics?

A Robert Wilson & Paul Milgrom (Both USA) for the Auction Theory.

Q What is the Auction Theory?

A Answered

Q Tell me something about some of the previous Nobel Prize Laureats?

A Answered

Then Ma'am started asking

Q Tell me about Behavioural Economics?

A Answered (This was a detailed answer)

Q Diff. b/w Behavioural & Traditional Economics?

A Answered

Q Why MBA?

A Answered

Q You seem to speak about that 100%iler endeavour a lot, is there a diff. of character or anything else b/w a 100 & 99%iler?

A In Marks, yes, however, in terms of character not really as a 99%iler may have a much better personality. I have a 98.8%ile which is close to 99. However, still we have a mutual respect for each other.

Q Tell me something about the recent Economic News?

A Answered in terms of COVID Vaccine & Budget.

Q Give your opinion about the budget.

A Answered & gave quite a good answer involving all the points.

Q What do you think has changed in your perspective in doing an MBA one year ago & now.

A I have learnt a lot Ma'am & have evolved a lot as a person. Last time I had loads of nerves & when I was asked the CM'S & Governors of South Indian States I was clueless. However, the nerves have improved & I have improved & I learnt from my mistakes & have learnt the CM'S & Governors of South Indian States. However, nerves are still there being a weakness, like at the beginning of the Interview Ma'am while wishing Good Evening accidentally Ma'am.

Q What else interested in apart from Games & Sports?

A I have slight interest in Reading, like I was reading the Nelson Mandela Autobiography which was a part of my Younger Sister's course. Especially while waiting for my Interviews Ma'am.

Q Like reading the Newspapers? 

A To a certain extent like the TOI.

Q Why not the Economics Times?

A I have been more comfortable with the TOI Ma'am, however, will read the Economic times more regularly like you have suggested Ma'am.

In general, the tone was soft & I sounded genuine & I am really confident about the Answered Q's.

Conversion Chances?

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CAT 86.68 , SC category Resume score 4 , non engineer PI - Average (slightly better than avg) Chances of conversation?

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EWS Female Fresher Engineering background CAT %ile -96.32 Acads : 92.33/89.6/88.9 Resume score -0 Interview - Almost very good Chances of convert for IIM K

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CAT %ile - 95.13

Acads - 95/97.6/7.12 (X,XII,UG)

Resume Score - 4

Work Ex - 34 months

Interview - Not so bad, not so great

Chances of convert for IIMK?

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Direct Reject
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IIT Roorkee. CAT : 96.5 Acads: 91/88/71 OBC Male 30 months workex Resume points: 4 PI: Went below avg. Couldn't answer 2 questions on Acads. Apart from that nothing significant in interview. So would say below average PI. Chances of conversion ?

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Poll check
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