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Team Insite welcomes you to the official queries thread of IIM Kashipur, for the batch of 2021-2023. 

IIM Kashipur has grown exponentially on all parameters & eagerly awaits to welcome the 11th batch for its flagship 2 - years MBA program & the 2nd batch for the MBA-Analytics program.

This group has been created to address all queries regarding admission processes & the college. 

All updates will be posted here & suggest you follow the thread.

For further information about the college,


please visit: http://www.iimkashipur.ac.in/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/showcase/teaminsite-iimkashipur/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/IIMKashipurInsite/


Good Luck

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 The Master of Business Administration is a flagship course of IIM Kashipur. This is a two-year residential course that covers various aspects of Management. It has been re-designed to create emphasis on critical thinking and innovation.IIM Kashipur envisions creating an ecosystem that supports societal development and regional aspirations through the new Flexicore Experiential Learning courses.

We present to you the complete information on this program which prepares students for navigating the new economy and transform them into visionary leaders.

A glimpse of the Programme:https://youtu.be/LiFTFF6abew

For more information visit:http://www.iimkashipur.ac.in/academics/MBA/about-mba

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Hey @nancyraj

Trichy announced result date officially on thier website, 21st may, should we expect Kashipur result on the same day 


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@PapaKancha1  ·  120 karma

@nancyraj end of the 3rd week is 21st may

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@SakshiPoddarIIM Kashipur  ·  112 karma

@PapaKancha1 A day here and there can be expected.

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Join the Official Ranchi Aspirant Group: To get all your queries solved instantly, To know more about the institute, its students, and alumni, To gain hands-on knowledge about MBA Life, Pre-MBA preparation, domain-wise knowledge, and smooth process of admission. Those who are already present in one of the aspirant groups need not join this.

Replace the * in the link with s to join the group- https://chat.what*app.com/EJvsE6aeeNH4W9JjgZwdJs

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Cat 97.5 10/12/grad - 9.2/89/72 GEM <12 months workex Chances of conversion Pi was avg Please give genuine answer

Direct convert
Waitlist and convert
Waitlist and reject
Direct reject
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Hey guys.....what do you guys think whether there will increase or decrease in the cutoff composite score of the cap colleges.... I've seen a lot of people discussing here about that the cutoffs will go down this year due to less number of students and many other factors......your opinion about this will really be helpful...Thank you..!!

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@Saumya210596  ·  35 karma

Just wait for 2 more weeks at max, picture will be clear, moreover do not think there will be much diff in Cs but yeah if the no. of seats increase, then chances r there. But nothing can be predicted in these unprecedented times. ATB

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Here we have Nancy Raj from MBA batch 2020-22, who has showcased her perception of an MBA curriculum as a fresher and tried to eradicate the fear and confusion regarding the same. She further states that freshers need not feel out of place as an MBA needs them as much as they need an MBA.

𝐑𝐞𝐚𝐝 𝐡𝐞𝐫 𝐚𝐫𝐭𝐢𝐜𝐥𝐞 𝐡𝐞𝐫𝐞: https://iimkashipurblog.in/2021/05/10/mba-from-a-freshers-viewpoint/

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@ADITYA237  ·  14 karma

U missed the word tentative. 👉👈

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@Apirant2021  ·  3 karma

Heard raipur is delaying the result due to covid but they might declare it around 20th May (someone from raipur told)

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CAT 97.8

GEM fresher (95/91/75)

CAP above avg.

Conversion chances?

Direct convert
Convert after WL
WL and reject
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CAT 94.33 

10/12/B.TECH MALE : 8.8/81/8.7 


PI went decent, couldn't answer two three questions. 

guys please help!

Wait list then convert
wait list then reject
CAT 2020 : 94.33, NMAT : 243
81 answers
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Any idea what was the cs cutoff for kashipur last year.... i couldn't find it anywhere....inputs will be appreciated

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@Yogeshcat20  ·  12 karma

@sampk not working brother.....will be appreciated if u can check and tell me about the cutoff cs for kashipur

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@CATastrophe2.0  ·  44 karma

@Yogeshcat20 54.22(gen)

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CAT:- 94

10th - 92%

12th- 82.3%

UG- 65% (Till 6th sem)

PI : Above Average 

GEM Fresher

What are the possibilities of:-

Waitlist and Convert
Poll Check
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