Hello Admins,

I am currently in final year of my UG (engg) and have been offered provisional admission in IIM I. 

In my institute, the overall %age calculation for 4 years is like:

(0.25*1st year %age + 0.5*2nd year + 0.75*3rd year + 1*4th year)/4; and not a simple average. 

By above method, my %age till 3rd year comes to be 83.33, which i had filled in CAT. But in IIM I form, by mistake I put the simple average %age (which is 82.95).

Will this create an issue? How can I resolve this?


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@tanmay_palIIM Indore  ·  78 karma

Will not create an issue, just mail the AO and get it corrected later.

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@shreya_0611  ·  1 karma

Okay, thanks a lot.

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