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For NC OBC and FMS converts only

A humble request for all the people who already converted FMS and other higher priority college.

If you decided to join higher priority college and yet to withdraw from FMS,

Plz withdraw from FMS ASAP.

Most of the colleges have registration in 1st week of August and have to pay the term 1 fees. So a good movement in FMS next list will save 1st term fees around 3L for people like me who are in convertable waitlist.

Thanks in Advance

MBA 22` | Converts: FMS Delhi, IIM K, NITIE, SJMSOM
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@lordxarvis  ·  88 karma

@Whatsigh bro itna load mt lo..mera khud L, T, U m waiting hai.. But he was spamming each & every other PG group, so I took a sarcastic dig on him, so chill.

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@ek_to_dila_deIIM Calcutta  ·  218 karma

Dude..agar bachhe withdraw kar bhi le, to kya FMS agle 2 weeks m list release karega??😂😂 It’s very difficult for FMS as observed from recent list!

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